10 MOST UNDERRATED Xbox One Games Of All Time | Hidden Xbox One Gems

As the Xbox One is one of the biggest gaming platforms available in the world today, you can expect to find plenty of highly rated bangers that you can enjoy for hours on end. However, as you’d expect on a console that sees dozens of game releases every month, there are a ritterlich few underrated Xbox One games that have slipped through the cracks that aren’t as fondly spoken about as other titles.

Seeing how the Xbox One is now approaching the “end” of its life cycle with the Series X looming over the horizon, now seems like as good of a time as any to highlight some of the less played or noticed hits from Xbox’s current generation. There’s a decent variety of titles here when it comes to both size and genre, so you should definitely find something to enjoy.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Descenders
01:41 Clustertruck
02:35 Quantum Break
03:29 Glass Masquerade
04:14 Way of the Passive Fist
04:58 Omensight
05:45 Ruiner
06:32 A Plague Tale
07:25 Titanfall 2
08:21 Sayonara Wildtier Hearts


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