14 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 3 August 2021 | Nintendo News

Welche Woche, den 3. August 2021, hat die Nintendo Switch viele neue Spiele veröffentlicht. Welche magst du? Und welches wirst du kaufen? – verkettete Liste jener Spiele – Road 96 ….


18 Antworten : “14 neue Spiele z. Hd. Switch START 3 Woche 20. August 2021 | Nintendo-Neuigkeiten”

  1. Edumacation says:

    Space scavengers is void hunters 🙂

  2. SonicMania999 says:

    Arietta & Greak for me, getting the physical for both. I also will pick up Rogue Explorer, an Eastasiasoft port (from PC) of a 2D hack-n-slash Roguelike. Other than those 3, absolutely nothing on the horizon for any other consoles or PC this week. Probably the slowest week of the year for games tbh…

  3. Dazziano Colucci says:

    Waiting for a review of Road 96. If done right it should be good.

  4. omg….

  5. rimuru tempest says:

    triple A please

  6. Nick Baldeagle says:

    When that Space Invaders drops to £5 I might be interested.

  7. Axel Pixel85 says:

    This month for me Axiom verge 2 and Greak!!

  8. Morris Construction says:

    Did anyone else notice the final fantasy 8 bgm in Swords n Souls?

  9. im a sucker for greak, swords and souls, and arietta

  10. Ryan O'neill says:

    Can't wait for Greak! Arietta, swords and souls looks decent too. Space scavenger kind of interesting too. Good list.

  11. Angel Kirito says:

    Not excited about this week

  12. davao eagles says:

  13. Robin Munro says:

    Did i read that correctly? $59.99 for SPACE INVADERS!!!!!
    WTF, anyone that buys that is mad, I wouldn't give you $1.99 for it!

  14. Павел Орлов says:


  15. Playstation Gen says:

    I look on coming soon and I only see 12 games I guess the other two delayed

  16. All Indie Garbage! No Thanx! I will wait until September, October, and the end of the year when "REAL GAMES" come out.

  17. Lolicon Gang. says:

    Nothing worth.

  18. Johann Rodriguez says:

    Axiom verge 2?