14 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 2 August 2021 | Nintendo News

Solche Woche, am 1. August 2021, hat die Nintendo Switch viele neue Spiele veröffentlicht. Welche magst du? Und welches wirst du kaufen? – Empfohlenes Spiel – Badland: ….


25 Antworten : “14 neue Switch-Spiele zu Gunsten von Woche 2 20. August 2021 | Nintendo-Neuigkeiten”

  1. Epic Little says:

    I wish there where even more games made with pixel art man

  2. Fixing, Modding, Building Retro Consoles and More says:

    woop, paw patrol!

  3. SonicMania999 says:

    – EVER FORWARD, which has gone through several delays, was delayed again: to Sep 14 – will not come out this week.
    – Outside of the games in your list, another game I recommend is FARADAY PROTOCOL (Aug 12), a first-person story-driven puzzle game with a cool aesthetic. I played the demo on Xbox just after E3 and really got into it, was pissed off when the demo ended LOL!

  4. Barak Oqua says:

    All bullshit games … already played badlands 1 n 2 on ios …are we ever going to get sekiro ???

  5. HEIARII RegitKrahsII says:

    why those games look shit?

  6. Roland Reichenbach says:

    best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, warface, crash drive 2 and 3, nfs hot pursuit, worms rumble, splatoon 2, grid autosport, super bomberman online, apex legends

  7. JP Adm Melhor Final says:

    So many card-battle games. Not my favorite kind of game, but if someone likes it, that's a great week.

  8. All these suck, especially the doctor who game

  9. The Ulimate Collecter says:

    Junk games

  10. Counter Sike says:

    Jesus, it's like every game that's coming out is take turn. We need more action rpg

  11. EricYSL Cobain says:

    Ain't nobody talking about that Shadowverse Champion's Battle game, demo is pretty solid and the anime is pretty nice

  12. Calculated Declination says:

    Got the imported version of witch spring 3 with english. It's very good. I didn't feel like waiting a year or longer for it. Totally worth it.

  13. Sky Sox says:

    You know why the switch feels so stupid off? It has like a maybe 5 good original games and than just a bunch of remakes, revised, indie, multipatformed, prior released games. Like when you played NES, ever single game no matter how lame was original, same with snes, same with n64, same with game cube, and ever since the internet purchasing, its buy old classics and dust in an original here and there

  14. Sky Sox says:

    Badland is sooo old

  15. Dimas Ramadhan says:

    dont like any of these i need trpile a game not these weird indie game

  16. Love your vids

  17. UNDERMINE is on promo 50% (not on movie coz this is not promo movie, just letting U know).

  18. Handheld Havoc says:

    Foreclosed, is a maybe.

  19. Gabriel Núñez says:

    Badland and Art of Rally look great!

  20. Gaile Oxstain says:

    Badland looks like Flappy Bird with extra steps. Make of that what you will.

  21. Marcus Blackwell says:

    That Dr. Who game should be on phone instead of console but I'm thinking possibly that one & maybe the Paw Patrol game

  22. UTubeGenius says:

    Foreclosed looks dope

  23. BOSS卩卂几卂爪乇 says:

    Finally art of rally

  24. Denny Setiawan says:

    Fort triumph anyone?

  25. Trevor Dudzik says:

    Thanks Guys!