15 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 2 September 2021 | Nintendo News

Selbige Woche, am 2. September 2021, hat die Nintendo Switch viele neue Spiele veröffentlicht. Welche magst du? Und welches wirst du kaufen? – verkettete Liste welcher Spiele – Sonic ….


17 Antworten : “15 NEUE SWITCH-SPIELVERÖFFENTLICHUNG FÜR WOCHE 2 20. SEPTEMBER 2021 | Nintendo-Neuigkeiten”

  1. inbetween 1-0 says:

    Lost in Random really have that Burton vibe going on…and somewhat reminded me of Alice Madness Return

  2. Tanisha Ware says:

    I'm excited for Apple Knight. I finished it on mobile. It reminds of Goblin Sword.

  3. Raymond Tromp says:

    Does anyone having glitches playing sonic colors ultimate

  4. That Toy Soldiers HD game looks really good.



  6. 10:50 how much fps has this game

  7. horace bay says:

    Been working hard for dbz kakarot and NBA 2k22 almost forgot life is strange

  8. John Evans says:

    Sonic Colors is broken on the Switch. Don't buy it

  9. Where is nino kuni 2?

  10. Aled Davies says:

    Has anyone heard of battle siege royal?

  11. Dimitry Goloza says:

    10:58 this is the new low for eShop. Android play market free games low tier new low.

  12. Andrew Bonifacio says:

    Article on google saying Sonic looks awful

  13. TheMail518 says:

    Well, you should wait to buy Sonic Colors Ultimate. It needs fixing. People are complaining that there is a lot of problems occurring with the game (digital deluxe one).

  14. Josh Dews1 says:

    Can Nintendo release batman Arkham collection already?

  15. Wa Meng Xiong says:

    Ultra Age reminds me of Dissidia from PSP

  16. Sang Hendrix says:

    Lost in Random looks like either gonna be a hit or miss, no in between.

  17. Raymond Tromp says:

    is sonic colors ultimate is a fun game