15 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 1 October 2021 | Nintendo News

Sie Woche, am 1. zehnter Monat des Jahres 2021, hat die Nintendo Switch viele neue Spiele veröffentlicht. Welche magst du? Und welches wirst du kaufen? – verkettete Liste jener Spiele – RiMS Racing ….


21 Antworten : “15 NEUES SWITCH-SPIEL FÜR DIE WOCHE 1. zehnter Monat des Jahres 2021 | Nintendo-Neuigkeiten”

  1. ULTRA_Faff says:

    Loving my switch more than ever. My xbox has seriously started collecting dust!

  2. Jackson Polk says:

    Yay Gang beast on the Nintendo switch who excited

  3. Shane Koch says:

    Meh. I mean Metroid, but other than that.. meh

  4. Tiguinha says:

    Gang bests seems a fun party game, but metroid still the only good game in this list

  5. All Garbage! Good thing there are better games coming this month and Next Month!

  6. The lightbringer looks good

  7. Raebla93 says:

    Rainbow billy is what is wrong with the world kids are so soft they can’t handle there emotions and we end up with what we got a joke of a country

  8. ANAK KEPRI says:

    idk if this is still coming this year or its cancel but dw9 empire is said to realese in switch. idk how they are going to make that game run on switch when it barely playable in ps4 in the first 3 or 5 patch of the game. From the trailer its seem the game is not open world game anymore so maybe it will run better.

  9. Deebo Wilson says:

    No other releases matter this week except Metroid Dread….

  10. The Vegan Punk says:

    More junk….

  11. La guarida de CancertZ says:

    What a bad week for switch :/

  12. John Smith says:

    Ok metroid dread looks cool but where the hell is metroid 4???

  13. André Lira says:

    Hyped for metroid dread

  14. Димон Дейкун says:

    Когда начнет работать ваш магазин Э-шоп на пост советском пространстве??? Украина, Казахстан, Белоруссия мы тоже хотим игры покупать!!!

  15. Roland Reichenbach says:

    best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface, crash drive 3

  16. Juan Munoz says:

    RIMS Racing looks like nothing more than a bootleg MotoGP.

  17. Timothy Johnson says:

    The stuff I'll consider:
    •Monkey Ball
    •Gang Beasts
    •Tetris Effect

    Dread however is not up for consideration. That's absolute!

  18. Dr.-Drac I.Q says:

    Hola buenos días, me encanta tu canal, pregunta soy fanático de suvarval horror y me recomiendan el tornamed souls no sabes cuándo saldrá en la plataforma de swicht?

  19. Shadowruun says:

    Falta tan poco para Metroid Dread T.T

  20. Marcus Blackwell says:

    I only desire Metroid… Here's to hoping it isn't a short game

  21. Dr. Zayer Rashid says:

    Love from Bangladesh….