15 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 4 September 2021 | Nintendo News

Jene Woche, am 4. September 2021, hat die Nintendo Switch viele neue Spiele veröffentlicht. Welche magst du? Und welches wirst du kaufen? – Empfohlenes Spiel ….


19 Antworten : “15 NEUES WAHLSCHALTERSPIEL für jedes Woche 4 20. September 2021 | Nintendo-Neuigkeiten”

  1. Nice to see Jesse from team rocket trying out different roles…

    Edit: I actually think hot wheels looks alot better than expected.. just clicked preorder on amazon

  2. Норайр Микаелян says:

    Steel Assault (September 28)

  3. Daniel Gamb says:

    Dude no way GDarius!!?!?!? That was one of my favorite PS1 games ever! (^-^)/

  4. SonicMania999 says:

    Great week! I also recommend: Knockout Home Fitness, Steel Assault, UnMetal, Bonfire Peaks, ExZeus collection, & MELTY BLOOD!
    And for 90s shmup fans the three new Saturn re-releases from Success — Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang, Guardian Force — are stone-cold classics. Buying Saturn discs of these games on the second-hard market costs $300 each.

  5. Paul Teale says:

    Not sure why they show a clip of FIFA 22, it's the same game as FIFA 19, avoid

  6. Matuscara says:

    dandy ace looks good


  8. Zaacckat bo says:

    Omg final chapter of Mary skelter niceee

  9. Yosia Evan says:

    Where's Kakarot?

  10. David García Pérez says:

    No love for Unmetal?

  11. Hot Wheels cool game

  12. and melty blood?, fuck this chit,never warn of games of interest

  13. Viewtiful1DoubleOkamiHand says:

    Hopefuly Darksiders 3 goes in more frames then its trailer. I don't care much about graphics detail, but you have to have stable 60 fps during gameplay in your ACTION game .

  14. Roland Reichenbach says:

    best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, warface, crash drive 3, nfs hot pursuit, worms rumble, grid autosport, splatoon 2

  15. Michael Santos says:

    R.I.P Switch.

  16. Ryan Polk says:

    Already pre ordered Deaths Gambit. And played the Unsighted demo on the Switch. It’s really good. I was very impressed. Kind of a Hyper Light Drifter with light souls like mechanics. Plus you get a dog companion that you can feed and pet throughout the game. He also fights enemies with you. Going to get Darksiders 3 as well

  17. David Agiel81 says:

    I'll be waiting for October 19th, Dying Light

  18. Dr. Zayer Rashid says:

    Love from Bangladesh