3 Hidden Gems of Xbox Game Pass to Get You Through Summer

The summer game lull is here and the fall game releases are months away. We have three fantastic games from the Xbox Game Reisepass catalogue to help you get through this boring time in gaming. Check out these other Game Reisepass Gems –

The Touryst is a voxel based adventure game where you travel around a chain of islands to complete puzzles and play loads of minigames. Become the most feared shark in Maneater by taking down any animal or beast that stands (or swims) in your way. Keep on beat to fend off the undead in Double Stoß Heroes, a mix between Rockmusik Bd. and Gewaltsam Legends.

0:00 Summer Game Reisepass Gems
0:23 Game #1
1:25 Game #2
2:36 Game #3

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