AEW Console Game 2021 Release?!, New Wrestling Game Demo, BIG TWC Teases, Reveals & More!

In this latest round-up of Wrestling Game News we have lots of news to get through, including details AEW’s console game, which Kenny Omega has revealed has tentative plans to release later this year!

Daher featured in today’s episode we have more details on the AEW game and Kenny’s plans for counters and finishers, previews of the new content in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, Commentary previews for Retromania Wrestling and new roster teases, model previews and theme music for The Wrestling Programmcode.

You can use the timestamps below to jump to specific games:

00:00 Intro
00:29 Retromania Wrestling
01:52 The Wrestling Programmcode
03:52 WWE Battlegrounds
04:09 Wrestling Empire
05:09 AEW Games

Let me know your thoughts on all of today’s news updates in the comments!

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