Age of Empires: Fan Preview

Dies Event „Age of Empires: Fan Voransicht“ ist da! Kommen Sie uns hinauf unter: ✓ Erhalten Sie kombinieren ganz neuen Blick hinauf Age IV ✓ Schauen Sie sich dasjenige neueste Age II an: DE ….


40 Antworten : “Age of Empires: Fan-Vorschau”

  1. Heâler says:

    5.01 Soldiers Number 393929392 in reality Soldiers number 200 🙂 ahh.saad.

  2. Minesonic says:

    Average fan vs average fan preview

  3. its free for game pass????

  4. N ovacek says:


  5. James Beattie says:

    Why doesnt age of empires get released on xbox though ?! Please tell me

  6. The Lion says:

    Gt- LI1 polo and ANUSOLDIER have the ability to tamper with players capture feature

  7. The Lion says:

    Gt- LI1 polo and ANUSOLDIER have the ability to tamper with players capture feature

  8. The Lion says:

    Gt- LI1 polo and ANUSOLDIER have the ability to tamper with players capture feature

  9. can all that stupid battle elephants stop hitting the AIR !?

  10. DirextX13 says:

    Microsoft buy out Woojer

  11. That Bearded Guy says:
  12. Fazmoze says:

    Please make some of those building larger especially the Barracks like in the original trailer.

  13. ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬ says:

    Microsoft you have to restock the X box series X now it’s getting Reddicreles now

  14. Jutisek says:

    Make AOE for XBOX!!!

  15. Release also for Xbox series x?

  16. W-W-C jimmy E says:

    I do not play this game but im interested

  17. Outer Heaven says:

    Please fix the arrows, they look too big!

  18. pspnss styr says:

    You guys should make a 1 billion dollar game

  19. MonkeyKong says:

    you should definitely get more diversity and inclusion people on the team; At least 50% of your staff should be activists who have never heard of age of empires; it's only logical that they be equally represented

  20. packadd says:

    I love xbox

  21. John Ames says:

    6:29 this tells you everything you need to know about the place, another reason I'm glad I didn't go down the path of game deveopment

  22. Timon Osinga says:

    Indeed there needs to be blood and skeletons again. Realism

  23. Should available on phone devices.

  24. dato andiashvili says:

    Age of Empires 4 Definitive Edition
    please add Georgia too

  25. Underp4ntz says:

    Where's the blood? And what's with the shtty textures? we still living in the 90s?

  26. منقار عراقي says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I like xbox I'm abode I'm from iraq

  27. Daniela says:

    Xbox you want to ban me? You dog water

  28. AXL Fan says:

    Zak Robinson looks like he has played this game all through his life.

  29. Jan Zykán says:

    Will be it on console?

  30. Shylesh Acharya says:

    resources stone-gold mining/wood gathering should be made infinity . only differences among resource tiles should be the efficiency of the mines / forest …20% gold 80% impurity …30% wood etc which could be modifiers for getting the resources wrt ingame time and number of gatherers/miners and update of mining equipment/industry

  31. Malik Alpha says:

    Mighty Rise of Ottoman Empire

  32. xiao main says:

    pls add genshin impact im begging u

  33. Ailton Bechaire Pictures says:

    They could already pass the minimum requirements settings to run the game in good quality, the fans are grateful! I'm already dying to play this piece of art!

  34. Fabian Mok says:

    wololo wololo wololo wololo

  35. Hilario Alves says:

    I wonder if there's a proper African civ on this game, seen as you're so diverse.

  36. Mockedarche says:

    I'm sorry but man love the direction of this installment. Comments seem to be less happy but I know I'm a day 1 buy. I can't wait.

  37. hakametal says:

    LODs look quite jarring to be honest, looks promising though!

  38. Matthew Devine says:

    Got to admit, this video was pretty cringy.

  39. Mi Game says:


  40. What happened xD