As Dusk Falls - Official Announce Trailer

Eine Stadt. Zwei Familien. Drei Jahrzehnte voller Geheimnisse. Weitere Informationen: As Dusk Sofern ist ein originelles interaktives Drama von …


30 Antworten : “As Dusk Sofern – Offizieller Ankündigungstrailer”

  1. Wtf happened to this game

  2. Are they gonna release the game or not ?

  3. Daniel Pedraza says:

    What's the song?

  4. Daniel Pedraza says:


  5. #as dusk falls

  6. Nothing about this game at E3 this year. Hope it's still coming out :^(

  7. Love the look of this game – when’s it out?

  8. azure giant says:

    I love these types of character based games, not so keen on the jaggedy, stop motion style movements though.

  9. Tom Trench says:

    Alabama: The Game

  10. sfighter00 says:

    Watchmojo brought me here, I will say the game does look great, with the artwork and story, but does this game really need to be on the console? Because it does look more like it was made for the PC.

  11. Halo

  12. Serious X says:

    I would like it better if they where not stills. I dont mind watching but I do wish they moved.

  13. Donát Turi says:

    Wait did i just see Sigourney Weaver in the trailer?

  14. porucznik borewitz says:

    Looks nice.

  15. Scoobyxxxsnax says:

    the 15fps hurts my brain

  16. Take my money

  17. Restart Uploads says:

    Looks really good. Interactive story games are my jam

  18. TheGster9 says:

    love the art style, unlike the hundreds of "professionals" down here in the comments

  19. HackingSpartan says:

    People cant appreciate interactive storytelling. Can't wait for this and tell me why

  20. Ladiesman1447 says:

    I'm interested, loved the tone and music.

  21. These idiots talking about fps. C'mon, it's a trailer, not gameplay.
    And the game looks super interesting. We need more interactive games like this rather than the same ol shoot em up regurgitated stuff. The Telltale games were amazing, for example.

  22. But graphics rendered at 1 frame per second

  23. JahonCross says:

    Why the dislike for it lol it's a story interactive game

  24. God tier song sinners by barns Courtney one of the best artists out there

  25. Gonna need the full 12tfs for this one. Hopefully it has raytracing

  26. Clarisse HUBERT says:

    Love the format of the trailer, it’s unique !

  27. HeadHoonter says:

    Comic book the gams

  28. Glowing Kirby says:

    GTA 5 loading screen: Adventure Mode

  29. muthaducka says:

    I can't believe they got telltale games to finish the paper Mario Franchise.

  30. Kills Alone says:

    The Walking Dead: Season Zero