Assassin's Creed 3 - E3 Official Trailer [UK]

Weitere Inhalte unter Sie sind Connor, welcher Sohn einer kriegerischen Indianermutter und eines britischen Vaters. Wenn sich die Kolonien nähern….


19 Antworten : “Assassin’s Creed 3 – Offizieller E3-Trailer [UK]”

  1. Empty Souls says:

    Other Assassin's – Sneak to kill the enemy
    Connor – Rambo style btch

  2. Batman says:

    Connor is probably one of the best fighters in the series.

  3. AdamCpk says:

    I was 11 or 12 when I saw the trainer for the first time. Now I am 20 and I have to say that the trainer alone influenced my character.

    Still the best Video on YouTube for me.

  4. proANTAGONIST ! says:

    It’s criminal that Connor didn’t get a sequel shame…

  5. Beautus Homo says:

    Who would win?

    A whole british army VS a 19 yr old boy who have an axe

  6. Mr. Honk says:

    Bro for the entire game I was like “So this is a highly trained soldier bet”

  7. Melon police says:

    this is the british version and it shows british soldiers getting owned

  8. I passed Revelations, but in ac2 was said that Washington used an apple of eden and now I'm excited

  9. Gretes Hensem says:

    Assasin creed?
    Nah bro, it's more like Terminator creed for me

  10. When stealth is optional

  11. Mauricio De Giacomi Roman says:

    After a shitty day.
    Nothing better than break havoc at Boston or some relaxing hunting at the Frontier.
    Still wondering how the people didn't like this game.

  12. Nick thegamer351 says:

    Ubisoft really stands out in terms of trailers they make for their games, especially like the trailers of AC games itself.

  13. Adarsh David says:


  14. Abubacar Alonto says:

    1st Tenant: Never kill innocents
    (Sacrifices Horse)

    2nd Tenant: Hide in plain sight
    (Screw it Attacks right away)

    3rd Tenant: Never Compromise the Brotherhood
    (Dont have any)

  15. Abubacar Alonto says:

    Altair: Hide in plane sight…Legendary Assassin

    Ezio: Hide,fight if necessary…Master Assassin

    Connor: Screw the Stealth I want Action!…Powerfull Assassin

  16. The Mandalorian says:

    At the end of AC Rogue the American eagel leaves when shay says may the father of understanding guide us all,
    But a Part of me feels like since shay turned templars that It now became Connor's Eagel

  17. The Mandalorian says:


  18. Farug Human Maulana says:

    i believe , even an athlete cant shot some arrow like connor did

  19. Derrick Pargo says:

    1:08 gave me chills bruh