CARS 3 Trailer 2 (2017)

Offizieller Trailer zum Streifen „Cars 3“ 2 2017 | Bestellen ➤ | Owen Wilson Streifen #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 16. Monat des Sommerbeginns 2017 ….


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  1. Oobi Hand Dead Edition says:

    This is the Cars 2 we need

  2. ψ ANDREI ψ says:
  3. ψ ANDREI ψ says:
  4. Huginn Hjartarson says:

    I guess Cars 4 will be in 2023

  5. 2019…

  6. Tean Mace says:
  7. Tean Mace says:

    1:10 Be Better Tomorrow 1:16

  8. Veronica Arbulu says:
  9. MaxCrack720 - Minecraft says:


  10. Sirius Black says:

    When this shit hurted us

  11. Marvel Geronimo Mulato says:


  12. vice ganda says:

    I think this movie is gonna be awsome on my opinion.

  13. I was disappointed the movie wasnt this dark

  14. BUTAKA XRB says:


  15. jezmac72 says:

    I love cars 3

  16. RacheI and Aaron says:

    lm comin For You storm,

  17. Ryan Harris says:

    Cars 3 Is now in cinemas

  18. sulmuns says:

    2006- Mcqueen Begins
    2011- The Red Knight
    2017- The Red Knight Rises


    2018- Man of Wood
    2021- McQueen vs Woody: Dawn of Imagination
    2022- Jessie
    2022- Imagination League
    2023- Marlinman
    2024- Imagination League Part 2

  19. Fiona lover 2.0 gaming says:

    The crash that happened at day time is the real crash

  20. Seto Kaiba says:

    Spoiler lightning McQueen doesn't race at the end his personal trainer races for him

  21. MaxMOCs says:

    Did anyone else find that kid screaming "lightning" really cringy?

  22. annie10103 says:

    Can someone please tell me how a 'Cars' trailer is better than some films nominated for an Oscar.

  23. new series fan 2005 says:

    do this again but starting from 0:40

  24. Mr. Oogoo says:

    I decide when I'm done

  25. Patrick Not star one says:

    I never knew cars raced

  26. patoyamamoto says:

    Honestly, this is much better than trailer 3, and one of the best trailers ever made

  27. Bryeton King says:

    that's a career ending crash

  28. DH Television says:


  29. Asd Asd says:


  30. Bartosz Skorupa says:

    So….thats it? After this interesting teaser we get this? Cliche plot of "hero lose, hero train, hero wins"? What is this – Rocky 3 Part 2 with Cars?

  31. Kill Charge says:

    dang cars geting dark

  32. Michelle_ 21 says:

    Cars 2 and 1 is better than cars 3. But cars 1 is best!!!

  33. Emre Bakir says:

    My childhood.

  34. Jerico Olaguer says:

    how can lightning defeat storm with that speed? it's too impossible

  35. itsamadbruh says:

    NUUU mqueen i like you why you crash?

  36. itsamadbruh says:

    I like this vid so dodol
    And i subscribe

  37. kayleigh says:

    i am a 16 yaers old girl and im SO SUPER EXCITED

  38. Troy Heidel says:

    I like mc qeen

  39. Wreckerl says:

    1:22 me watching cars

  40. killobot2 says:


  41. Navin Nayan says: