Baldo - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Die Weissagung wurde erfüllt, ein reines Kind wurde geboren. Eine herzlose Kreatur, die von weisen Eulen in dieser Unterwelt versiegelt wurde, steht im Terminus, wieder aufzuerstehen. Viel Seltsames und Lustiges….


24 Antworten : “Baldo – Ankündigungstrailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. ayelet asher brandvine says:

    its looks like zelda has a crossover with a studio ghibly film

  2. Jason Jones says:

    Will this be a physical release or download only?

  3. C’mon baldo! Dont make us wait too long. Been waiting for this game like forever.

  4. David McKnight says:

    Ni No Kuni 3!!!!

  5. Mad Lust Envy says:

    Screen tearing: The Game

  6. AntennaHead Music says:

    Man, this needs like, annanimated trailer. Or a full movie

  7. Adriano C Almeida says:

    Baldo, where are you?

  8. Shane Kräuchi says:

    Good lord, god invented vsync for a reason.

  9. 希望有中文版可以玩

  10. LUKE DUKE says:


  11. Is this friggin game ever coming out? Been waiting ages to pick this one up!

  12. When is this coming out? Looks AMAZING

  13. TheSlidiotMemoirs says:

    I hope this game comes out soon it looks fantastic!!!

  14. I think they threw this game away. No news since it's announcement

  15. Ariel Blessie says:

    Nintendo where is this game? Can only assume they pandemic delayed it.

  16. Edoardo Rossi says:


  17. ET phone home says:

    where is it?

  18. Milo Parker says:

    This game is so good and was wonderful to play…is what I would have said if it had released anytime close to when they said it would.

  19. Willem Isaac says:


  20. こんぎつね says:


  21. this game is dead

  22. Alastair Smith says:

    In case anyone hadn't twigged… 'baldo' means 'bold' in Italian (the studio is based in Sicily)

  23. akosimudshake says:

    When ni no kuni and alundra had a child.

  24. GutsyGh0st says:

    When is this releasing