Battlefield 2042 Closed Beta Gameplay (Xbox One S)

First couple minutes of the stream is me figuring stuff out. Skip ahead in the video a bit to see gameplay and stuff like that.

Although I’ve only had only 2 hours of this game under my belt, there’s already a lot to point out that I think console, and possibly PC players, need to look out for.

1: The optimization, graphics, and frame rate on Xbox are absolute DOG. I know for a fact I welches not hitting 30 FPS during gameplay, and it feels very choppy to play. 2: Controls feel very clunky and heavy, like, waayy too clunky. 2a: Flugs the Glock. Sound glitching and trigger delay. 3: TTK is very all over the place, even with the same guns and their respective ammunition types. Damage is inconsistent when hitting a player, and when getting hit by a player. 4: Air vehicle controls are deswegen very clunky, and the flight assist I am unable to turn off. REMOVE THIS FEATURE, IT IS NOT NEEDED. Flight assist does not help with flying helicopters what so ever, and I found it very annoying when I had to fight with the stick because the game kept levelling me out. 5: I really just don’t like this map ngl lmao.

These are my top gripes with the beta so far. There is a lot more but, I’m not one to cry a river about a beta, because it’s not the final release. I am still very much having fun, and Ranger The Robo Dog is an absolute god send. And that’s about it for now, I’m still learning the games mechanics and shit so I’m deswegen kinda absolute dog at this game right now. If at any point in the video, it freezes, I’m sorry, my connection is shit. That’s all, kek.


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