Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield ™ Vanadium wird weltweit am 20. November veröffentlicht. Jetzt Vorabzugang zur Open Beta Version* vorbestellen: Jeder Kampf ist einzigartig. Jeder Modus ist ….


38 Antworten : “Battlefield 5 Welcher offizielle Multiplayer-Trailer”

  1. Battlefield says:

    Watch the official gamescom trailer:

  2. 0:48 battlefield fan after battlefield 2042 release

  3. Faze Emilsnipz says:

    I’m not gonna lie. Narvik at night is absolutely most Georgious map ever. The lighting the detail. Chefs kiss

  4. Thank you for everything

  5. Renault FT Char says:

    I think if they released this trailer instead of the reveal trailer. It would have gotten much better reception. The other one punched us in the face. This one is more subtle.

  6. Twin Hammers says:

    Battlefield 5 never dies! We will keep this war going!

  7. Flake Lorenz says:

    Much better than the Battlefield 2042 trailer…

  8. XTheDayerX says:


  9. samplistic says:

    Song only

  10. Armand Engelbrecht says:

    Why is there always a part of single player in multiplayer trailers!!?

  11. Articueila Coryphaeus Dux says:

    Official Multiplayer trailer….

    "Lets put there footage from singleplayer!"

  12. MJ Everette says:

    Fun fact: this song was made by Han Zimmer

  13. Eli Dann says:

    1 question u got gams on yer fone

  14. Came back to dislike it, I’m actually surprised by how everything about how this game handled. You fucked up by the first trailer, but redeemed it with this one, only call insult your fans. I hope a lesson is learnt here.

  15. Lazarzockt66 says:

    Dice still dont like helmets

  16. Mixed Muffins says:

    Dammit, they shoulda had this as the reveal trailer.

  17. Mixed Muffins says:

    Dammit, they shoulda had this as the reveal trailer.

  18. Luis Llanos says:

    Worst way to turn an action multi. Trailer to a kind of "sad feeling" one. Worst team of marketing. If you are not sure about how much feeling are you messing with a game just dont do it.

  19. Вања Алексић says:

    Put soviets in game. It would be great

  20. Ty Olcese says:

    I dont think I've ever seen this one ngl

  21. I want you honest opinions, Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V?

  22. Kailil Kendrick says:

    It really looks like this when you turn off the HUD tho…

  23. UnChAiNeD_ PyThN says:

    I wanna know the song!

  24. dat reel wurste yass says:

    So 2 years later and the game is fucked

  25. Hayder Mohamed says:

    Alright ea here are tips to fix this trailer change the sound into 7 nations army and put more explosion

  26. _Teamspeedyplays_ says:

    Had they not included the war stories part in the end, this trailer would have been good.

    It’s a shame EA wanted to implement their own social politics into a video game

  27. coylec1980 says:

    0:20: Narvik at night (airborne) 0:54: Narvik at day (every other game mode besides airborne)

  28. Karel Beneš says:

    trashfield TRASH V remake this game to bf 1 style and maps too and make great masterpiece game this game is a trash

  29. بلاك نايت says:


  30. SuperD WithMe says:

    1:00 Soldier Dragging, If only battlefield didn’t lie to their fans

  31. v games says:

    non existing team balancing, waste of time

  32. Super Hex says:

    I'm just here to wonder why they never released the music from this trailer :/ Would've been great

  33. The Daagoo says:

    How to fix Battlefield? First add maps like Omega Beach, The Africa Campaign, Battle of the Bulge, Stalingrad, The Battle of Britain, then add cross-platform after that add 15 bots on each side ones who solo players can command then make planes far more deadly but with 15 secs of ammo

  34. วิชชากร อินทร์สุข says:


  35. Valmir Bertolino de Almeida says:

    w3r w43ar3r w43rw3a

  36. Davi Santos says:

    w3r fw34ar fw34arw3r

  37. Arnaldo Silva says:

    w3r w34r w3r3w

  38. Arnaldo Silva says:

    w3r w43r 3wrw3