BETA Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard

Gelöst euer Wochenende, #Vanguard BETA kommt! Ab 10. September aufwärts jener Playstation. Dasjenige Vorladen ist jetzt verfügbar. Vorbestellung zum Besten von Vorabzugang ….


30 Antworten : “BETA-Trailer | Call of Duty: Vorhut”

  1. Barbarian Remover says:

    Bro nobody care about your garbage political correct WW2 games. People whom buy it are only the streamers and your corporate's dogs YouTubers posting it in YT.

  2. did not get a good 3jeie99 says:

    This was my mama only thing to be able and

  3. urboilemon says:

    whats the song?

  4. madness villain says:

    Give us the girl frontline

  5. this isn’t historically accurate at all, don’t frame it that way you can’t rewrite history to be inclusive to everyone


    This is a joke

  7. Azooz Shady says:

    I'm battlefield fan I used to play call of duty too campaign especially… sorry kids this is not real cod I used to play

  8. certified productivity says:

    Anyone notice this is pac's vocals

  9. Jacob Field says:

    Vanguard and Cold War should never have been made. Without Warzone COD is finished.

  10. Juan José Gómez Sanchez says:

    Pta mrda de juego

  11. The maps in the Beta are awesome. Thanks for making interesting, detailed, multi level, large maps. Will you please give us more offline bot customization than Cold War? At least 9v9 (or 1 v 17) capability? The original MW had this, please do it!

  12. The likes must be either paid for, or people are really too blind, because this game is completely awful. It has literally nothing to do with WW2.

  13. Andre Ponniah says:

    You know the best part about this song? It's 96 BPM, which means if you press the back button at 0:18 right when the guy grabs the tag, the song stays on beat.

  14. Imnotverycool11 says:

    The game needs serious fixing but the biggest problem is still sbmm. I reverse boost and still get put against a team of half sweats half noobs its so dumb

  15. Aldrin Sangma says:

    Games are going backwards.. Can't wait to see COD stone age. And after two years when they release COD, characters will evolve back to chimps. Wow such an amazing idea. And in next 8 years release those games with minimal tweaks with new name. And we are all dumb we keep on buying at high price without complain even though Game developers doesn't have to spend a peny on digital copy distribution. No packaging cost, no transportation cost

  16. Joseph Playz says:

    Please add self revive in cod mobile global version. Plsss!!!

  17. ghostsnake Corp. says:


  18. Brandon Wolfie says:

    Hey I really liked the beta it was a lot of fun but can you pls release call of duty ghosts 2 in 2022 all COD community would really appreciate it

  19. Trying Fun says:

    What trailer all I see is a ghost

  20. Call of duty worst game ever

  21. Loïc Roussey says:

    SBMM RUIN Vanguard

  22. Luke Garrison says:

    Call of duty I hope you see this please fix the game on Warzone and please make sure call of duty vanguard does not lag on Xbox because kids play Xbox one because families don’t have enough money to pick which one and which device and I’m asking you please make sure I called you vanguard does not like and please make sure Cody Warzone does not like and please make sure the challenges are easy please

  23. VK Madara says:

    Blz, mas pq o paulo não teve beta

  24. Hk Hardcore Team Brasil says:

    CoD is DEAD!

  25. PSCRAZYPRO says:

    I am HYPE for this game man

  26. griesmeelpap says:

    We are done with it.

  27. victor pinituj says:

    If it has sbmm I will not buy it since it is very boring and it is not worth it, I hope it crashes in sales so that they finally remove the sbmm

  28. Haha this will be soo sily game ..

  29. How tf do you go from world at war to happy music historically inaccurate killing montage.

  30. If only how well the trailer is heard, the footsteps of the enemies could be heard at least.