#Bibi World: NEW Season, Predictions and Gameplay

New Season of Bibi World and today we do road to 100 wins. so here we go.

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Become the best runner out there!

DASH as weitestgehend as you can!
DODGE hundreds of obstacles!
JUMP to the finish line!

BiBi World is a bold and brand new project from Oh BiBi that allows you to play with all your friends, race through the city highs, explore incredible places, and finish the most challenging levels. Can you make it to the end?

Choose from a big range of unique and stylized characters and be part of one of the most fun, racing, platformer games out there.
– Join a massive multiplayer party-game session that unites up to 20 players at the same time!
– Play with your friends and challenge them to finish the most difficult levels in record time.
– Beryllium the last one standing and become the best runner of the Bibi Universe.
– Share your favorite moments, build new worlds, and make friends in your way to glory!



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