A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch

Bowser wurde zu einem Riesen und verlor jegliche Test! Schließen Sie sich mit Bowser Jr. Stoppen Sie Ihren großen bösen Vater in den Abenteuern von Bowser’s Fury, dasjenige Teil von Superbenzin ist ….


25 Antworten : “Bigger Badder Bowser – Superbenzin Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury – Nintendo Switch”

  1. vicente delvalle says:

    alternative name super mario 3d all stars 2

  2. Samarpan Dhakal says:

    The real name of this game should be “Bowser’s Furry” due to the game being cat themed.

  3. I’ve just realized something. There’s two Mario games that give the ability to be a cat, 3D World and now bowser’s Moody Monday, but there’s no dogs to be seen anywhere. Now I remember that the Mario maker 2 story mode villain was the undo dog that deleted the castle, one of the toads even said that he prefers cats more than dogs (prove me wrong on that one)…

  4. kingconnor says:

    this video is spawnsered by venom from mavel

  5. Aparna Aluru says:

    This is just bowser opening the eight inner gates…

  6. Mr.winters says:

    I was hyped when i saw this

  7. Ilias Hans Triebener. says:

    Bowser's Fury is like Godzilla vs. Kong, because Giga Cat Mario is just King Kong and Fury Bowser is just like Godzilla!

  8. soup boomer bro says:

    Where is koopalings

  9. The Road Spud says:

    Mario collects the 7 dragon balls and wishes himself into the spirit of the 9 tails fox to send bowser back to the shadow realm

  10. Educamor. Educando desde el amor says:


  11. Aidan Devine says:

    Bowser Jr is Mario’s friend? Interesting and different.

  12. Taranza says:

    Egyptian Sphinx fighting a Japanese Kaiju

  13. Zack 2 says:

    Super Mario 3D World: Age Of Calamity

  14. GVDA685 says:

    +1 pour Bowser Fury

  15. Alyssa Graham says:


  16. Trash game runs at 15fps

  17. William Bédard says:

    Nintendo why is there no dogs

  18. OGH Cute Animation Headquarters says:

    We need a face traders 2 I believe that face Raiders was A big success

    Idea one: put it on Nintendo switch please

    Idea two: since the Nintendo switch doesn’t have a Camera could the enemies and bosses have cute faces instead of pictures of faces please

    Idea three: make it so you don’t have to put on the VR goggles in order to play the thing please

  19. Super Mario says:

    Jr isn’t mad because Bowser has gone mad. It’s because his dad put parental controls and he has had enough of this

  20. Just a kid says:

    He angyy

  21. Silver Wolf says:

    I remember when I first saw this

  22. Joel Wade says:

    Fury Bowser

  23. Joel Wade says:

    Fury Nesho

  24. Cute Virus says:

    Its a family console 🙂 . I love it

  25. Alexander Deyloff says:

    That bowser looks like an unfinished character design. Almost like they were afraid to be creative and they decided hey the beta build for that bowser could pass as the new bowser