Black Future '88 - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Jetzt im Freien! Black Future ’88 spielt in einer düsteren alternativen Vergangenheit, in jener es immer 1988 ist, und ermöglicht den Spielern kombinieren kontinuierlichen Treppe durch Dungeons gegen mörderische Roboter, ….


46 Antworten : “Black Future ’88 – Launch-Trailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. M4UR1T5 says:

    it's actually pretty sad that leterally no one plays this game
    there aren't even tuturials out there.

    still an amazing game tho.

  2. Kevin Cowan says:

    Just got this game for Christmas, after 9 hours played I have to say it's one of my top 10 of all time!

  3. S. Rodríguez says:


  4. Tj Vandagriff says:


  5. Wiley Johnson says:

    So basically, reverse Downwell.

  6. mybigbackyard says:

    Developer in 80s: Let's make a game about the future 2xxx
    Developer now: Let's make a game about the past 🙂

  7. paul v says:

    please make the deadlock time like 20-25 mins. i just love it. but too little time.

  8. RobertHart87 says:

    Is it coming to ps4?

  9. Aldo Monge says:

    are we not going to mention the awesome soundtrack…??

  10. Johnny Allright says:

    Just make every Video Game, Movie, and TV Show set in the 80's, and while were at it, lets bring back 80's music, and get rid of all this modern crap.


  11. Akash Singh says:


  12. Bad_vibes_gaming says:

    Look like a fun 2d game ❤️

  13. Dominic Griffin says:

    What's the best way to get in contact with the devs? I'd like to know if they're continuing to add content to the game before I purchase it. Don't suppose anyone knows if they are?

  14. super time force ultra??

  15. Dominic Veroni says:

    Great idea for a have but Indy games are so not my thing
    House game was good but…

  16. SnakezDogg says:

    It is look like cyberpunk 2077 and blade runner.

  17. Jeejington says:

    So I guess i need a thumbnail like 0:11 to get people to watch my video according to the comments lol

  18. Johnny Tk says:

    had me at the first 20 seconds of animation.
    lost me at the gameplay reveal.

  19. Lay-Low and SMASH says:

    Blah blah blah.

  20. Leonardo Bianucci says:

    Not gonna lie. A trailer can make or blow a game… This is a good one.

  21. Вася Васильев says:
  22. LuCk7 says:

    Alright we get it she is thicc

  23. Chance Paladin says:

    What're you going to do?
    my job

  24. Seddy Amba says:

    Look at those THICC booty I'm sold the sec it showed and you mean 88, boi it say it all (THICC THICC)

  25. Róger Jarquín says:

    Lower prices for Switch games in LATAM/Precios mas bajos para juegos de la switch en LATAM por favor

  26. Is this rogue like?

  27. DeAndre Vaxter says:

    Guess I am gay now

  28. Warrior Kid Gamer says:

    Put Scott Pilgrim versus the world the game on the Nintendo switch

  29. Sweyn Nero says:

    Well I got the game and it seems pretty good so far, I just expected the framerate to be a little higher.

  30. LUIGIMACOY :v says:

    futurista,2D,THICC Girls
    Podria nintendo mejorar este game ?

  31. Gary Morris says:

    Thank you for pressing the self-destruct button. This ship will self-destruct in exactly two minutes and forty-five seconds.

  32. Teriyaki_ Weeb says:

    Damn, this launch trailer really gon make people fail nnn

  33. Mj Sten says:

    Nintendo please put add servers on minecraft were not jerks

  34. Dai 大 says:

    This looks like another RAD, looks good but I'm sure it will be repetitive and kind of boring in the long run

  35. Pro Ben Fetchak says:

    Nintendo if you can read this in joy your last two months of YouTube coppa is deleting YouTube

  36. MrCrasherdog says:

    The future is black.

  37. Tom Riddler says:

    I dunno why sprites are getting smaller and smaller in these games. Back then, everybody wanted to make games with large sprites! Things have changed!

  38. DavidPXN says:

    Looks like a really amazing game to play on the go.

  39. joe Swanson says:

    Who is the next d.l.c fighter for super smash bros ultimate

  40. Nermi Hil says:


  41. GibsonEditing says:

    There are way too many indie platform games on the switch… there needs to be more exclusive quality games like botw. Why can’t Nintendo be innovative and create a new character for games? It’s been years lol come on

  42. D-Jams says:

    This game looks cool giving me KZ vibes and I love it

  43. Garrett Tullier says:
    Please watch nintendo!

  44. Discovery Punkísh says:

    This looks sick

  45. Incidental 42 says:

    The #1 thing on my bucket list is for nintendo to add a world map maker in super mario maker 2.

  46. Kori Harpoon says:

    Nintendo Mobile has it's comments switched off…almost as if Nintendo knows it's phone games are a scam.