Brick-Force: Announcement Trailer

Brick-Force ist jener erste Shooter z. Hd. verschiedene Plattformen uff dem Sand jener Welt. Erstellen und teilen Sie Karten uff Ihrem Smartphone, Tablet, Browser und in sozialen Netzwerken – Sie ….


42 Antworten : “Brick-Force: Ankündigungstrailer”

  1. gamelgamel YT says:

    come back

  2. gamelgamel YT says:


  3. gamelgamel YT says:


  4. gamelgamel YT says:


  5. gamelgamel YT says:


  6. gamelgamel YT says:


  7. gamelgamel YT says:


  8. gamelgamel YT says:


  9. Petar says:


  10. Piotr Pohl says:

    Brick force was very good game but pay2win ruined it 🙁

  11. Das_Ordnungsamt says:

    i miss it

  12. 「ImTired 月」 says:

    I'm in tears rn

  13. Brick Force was my childhood. I miss it 🙁

  14. Watherfoxx says:


  15. unpaidworker says:

    I miss it so much ; ( rip

  16. Renzoi says:

    RIP Brick Force 2011 – 2018.

  17. LemonTroll says:

    Good old times

  18. CartmanBra says:

    Name of music?

  19. lida berontiene says:

    awsome game

  20. sparky therealone says:

    BEST MUSIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. José Mendoza says:

    hahaha, so fucking funny

  22. TheSmellyUnfortunate says:

    If you think this looks like minecraft then you need to be locked away. This is a voxel based FPS. Minecraft is nothing like this.

  23. Reggie says:

    umm no… looks the same to me. this company should be sued

  24. lalomeisi says:

    brick force == geilo =D

  25. Jaspreet Singh says:

    this is the future minecraft roblox and team fortress

  26. Salchicha says:

    Minecraft+team fortress 2

  27. Benny says:

    build share play i love it

  28. nifas züfüs says:

    this is minecraft~Counter strike 1.00 xD

  29. no, call of duty and minecraft had sex to make this awesome game.

  30. Extrenor says:


  31. MrLiime says:

    Just jizzed.

  32. Daniel Konrad says:

    ich liebe diese musik!!!

  33. Mi Jo says:

    Cool its good!

  34. Sabrina94 says:

    what's the music called? It's cool 😀

  35. MaoggPlayer PS4 says:

    Mix Of Counter Strike And Minecraft

  36. Isaac C says:

    oh yeah and great trailer infernum

  37. Isaac C says:

    u cheapskates stop worrying about ur money thats why u have mac

  38. Schleimritter says:

    I like the music of this trailer ^_^

  39. GoldenFoxGamer says:

    Can someone say new and improved minecraft.

  40. thebasicbrick says:

    the in browser one works for mac

  41. fireant4000 says:


  42. Cody Ewing says: