BRIMSTONE Trailer (2017)

Offizieller Trailer zum Lichtspiel „Brimstone“ 2017 | Bestellen ➤ | Dakota Fanning Lichtspiel #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: März 2017 ….


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  1. Blackice 12345 says:

    Great movie. One of the best I’ve seen in years. And for all those complaining about the ending. Only Hollywood for years demanded a happy ending. No pun. The rest of the world made films that showed in real life there are few endings that are happy. For true film afficiendos this ones for you. Enjoy

  2. Dakota Fanning has become a wonderful actress.

  3. Olga Efremov says:

    A genuinely well crafted movie!
    We NEED this kind of work to bring awareness about how women were treated along the history.

  4. l angelo di Dio-GO ALDO says:

    Pellicola molto bella, una pellicola che può spiazzare per la destabilizzante violenza fisica ed emotiva subita dalla protagonista e le crudeltà in serie commesse dal reverendo.

  5. Inês Correia says:

    reminds me of that puppet combo game, where they take pills everyday and have that same type of voice message played over an intercom

  6. Jessica Bradley says:

    It looks like an awesome movie. BUT. The IRON MASK made me reconsider. I got chills b/c in a courtroom scene, I was reminded me of the iron muzzle used as punishment for African slaves. You see one in the slave ship/Middle Passage scene in the movie 12 Years a Slave. One of those facts of history that haunt me — deliberately excluded from history books that gloss over some of the true horrors of slavery. Even changing the word "slave" to "servant" in 2018

  7. Too much !

  8. fraj abdellaziz says:

    that was the best slap on the face ever in a trailer ……

  9. Celeste Campos says:

    The ending was not well done, but the hole movie was intense

  10. Tine Kusk says:

    Love this film Guy Peace is very evil but i like it

  11. Nikola Vukicevic says:

    One time Ebenezer always Ebenezer 😀

  12. Adrian Venida says:

    sadistic as fuck

  13. himura haibara says:

    An intense, intriguing, and disturbing overlooked movie. Felt like i should watch this alone because of the topic and how fucked up the characters are.

  14. shah jahan says:

    This movie is pure piece of SHIT

  15. shasha syedd says:

    Anything with Guy Pierce will be great.

  16. playz raya says:

    I just hate it why they make these kind of films??

  17. Unexpected ending

  18. Couldn't finish the movie, only recommend to those who really like dark movies cause although it is not considered horror its as close to it as you can get

  19. Winning Jubbly says:

    But all her shit's falling out. How is it done when there's shit on't chin? Ooh, I don't fucking know, do I!?

    How am I supposed to know that!!? It's been leather all the way. Leather, leather and more fucking leather, right up until the titties are on full display for all the kiddies to see.

    Did you know that's kids swear profusely when huge pendulous mammaries smash them upside the head? It's funny as fuck, mate.

    Funny. As. Fuck.

    Mammary glands everywhere. Put em away, for fuck's sake! They stink of beefy arse. I always did say it wasn't her fault that her tits were a bit on the beefy side. Very beefy tits.

    So I just called him a cheeky bastard and told him to fuck off.

    He did.

  20. Theo Feint says:

    you know nothing, Jon Snow

  21. Helene Jäger says:

    Oh world, this movie was almost too much for me ..

  22. True Grit says:

    I am tired of movies where prostitutes, as disgusting of a living as they lead, are the "bad guys". Wtf is wrong with men. No demand, no supply. Maybe men should lock themselves up.

  23. i have a dream :) says:

    What a dark movie, I am still in shock, depressing, dark yet the best movie I have ever seen. I was in shock for perfect 2 hours while watching and probably for a week after watching it

  24. I was not feeling good after watching it seriously..

  25. Dalbert Kucher says:

    Never watch this nonsense and the writer should be in prison for life

  26. I wouldn’t advise sensitive people to watch this movie. It’s a dark, disturbing, and haunting masterpiece. One of my favorites.

  27. Maria: The Demon Barber of YouTube says:

    People were crazy back then

  28. Tyrea Coleman says:

    Look very interesting and exotic this movie i wanna see in thiller i sould more like a optometrist now

  29. Luis Poblete says:

    jon snow becomes john marston

  30. m. Gregorian says:

    I saw this movie! And i think, she was stupid girl, why she cut off her tongue? Stupid girl!!!

  31. Theresa Ramsay says:


  32. Dimitrios F says:

    Guy Pearce………….. Yup I'm sold!

  33. My life My Rules says:

    When a Dutch plays God …expect nothing but suffering and pain…

    Dutch ways are the same in America in Africa and now in Europe too…

  34. Fatima Penaflor says:

    Brimstone is actually a word that describes "hell" base on the bible. I think the movie means that hell actually is here on earth.

  35. E Zandman says:

    werd me getipt deze film maar weet niet of ik ga kijken. Kit Harington had ik niet verwacht en doet me denken aan GOT dus lauw. En altijd weer die Carice…. Belichting vind ik trouwens ruk, veels te fel en 'duidelijk', film bedoeld om Nederland te pluggen in de VS zeker weeer. Krijg al jeuk als ik eraan denk. Maar is de film een beetje ok toch? Wat moet ik met Western???? Nederlandse kunstsubsidies naar westernsfilms dus… Is dit zo slecht als redbad bullshit? Oh spaar me dat… Weet niet of ik de film wil kijken. Is die aan te raden?

  36. F. De Goede says:

    One of the most scarriest, intense and underrated movie ever. It got me in shock for days

  37. It's a pretty good film


    Sick, disgusting, sadistic, misogynist, perverted, anti-Christian, piece of shit.

  39. This is a movie about what Donald Trump want to do (or already did) to Ivanka !

  40. Milky Way Galaxy says:

    Going straight to my Tea TV app to stream this.

  41. Ragnarok R says:

    Is it a good movie? Please, people, give some feedback!

  42. I wanna see this so bad

  43. Nam Yarasree says:

    A terrible remake of the movie of Charles Laughton, 1955, "The night of the hunter".