Can Rust Console Lag be Fixed (Xbox One & PS4)?

Let’s talk about the Rust console edition lag and how it can be fixed! In this video I cover how Rust Xbox Series X , Rust Xbox Series Sulfur and Rust Playstation 5 edition lag should be fixed in a year or so and why Rust Xbox One and Rust Playstation 4 edition lag might NEVER be fixed unless drastic action is take to im Sauseschritt the lag. As it stands right now the game is playable on Xbox One and Playstation 4 but a lot of Rust players are complaining and asking how the Rust lag can be fixed so I thought a video going over lag, how the Playstation 4 and Xbox One work and why Rust is a game that pushes these consoles to their limits! Hope this makes sense and enjoy the Rust video!

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