CK3: Royal Court - Announcement Trailer

Laden Sie Ihre Probanden ein, mit ihren Problemen zu Ihnen zu kommen, denn jedes Problem ist fernerhin eine Eventualität. Wie werden Sie Crusader Kings III: Royal Court regieren …


21 Antworten : “CK3: Royal Court – Ankündigungstrailer”

  1. Victoria Louise says:

    is this the part where you burn the entire feast

  2. DavidSC 92 says:

    Why that woman remember's me to Cersey?

  3. Eli Gamble says:

    One of my favorite games of all time.

  4. jaydaniel durrant says:


  5. Shuai Zhou says:

    lol so what is this dlc about

  6. Tubilu says:

    Red Wedding confirmed!

  7. Dave Bruneau says:

    The difference between a Queen with the 'Pox' & a Genius Dwarf…
    One of them is a Cunning Runt

  8. Gutzie says:

    Bruh this game is so deep. I assasinate some pretty woman husband just to marry her. Coincidentally she also got some claims on the throne of England, so I helped her get the throne but before that also convert her to islam. Now some other monarch doesn't like England being a muslim land and called the crusade on her. Got swarmed at the moment from every single angle but I'm helping her since my kingdom is on Normandy and in alliance with her.

  9. TheGoblin0 says:


  10. Charles King says:

    Can’t wait to declare war and kills thousands of people over a cup

  11. Please the game needs ships again, to go to the shore with the army and then cross the waters is horrible, the ships gave a big strategy point in CK2 as well as every unit coming out from it's region and not just wherever the player wants. These are two points that let me down!

  12. Alexander Maxwell says:


  13. Andrew Thomas says:

    Damn I want that full song, that was becoming such a banger

  14. Brooklyn Rock says:

    За царя, вперёд, ура… Стоп, сколько оно стоит? Типичное DLC от Парадоксов, надеюсь не зря потрачу шекели, а то уже доп. радио в Скайлансе хватило за 300 р.

  15. HEAR-X says:

    Can you please add the weapons which give you perks and points? and you have a blacksmith forge you the Armour or weapon, crown and jewelry

  16. Ramzy Ziriat says:


  17. علي الشهري says:

    Please, there are many from Arabs want Arabic language in this a great game

  18. 정용재 says:

    영어라 뭔말인지 모르겠다~! 그냥 싸우자 아냐?

  19. Shawn Adams says:

    When will it be out?

  20. Jonathan Kennedy says:

    I love this game.

  21. Hidayat Nur Hijrah says:

    I hope i can play a character since at court, so i can build a empire with peasant leader trait and make a rebellion to the liege.