The Crew - Launch Trailer

Die Crew ist am 2. Monat der Wintersonnenwende z. Hd. die Plattformen Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 und PC verfügbar. Kommen Sie nicht mehr da unsrige Kanäle: Funktionen und Bewertungen ….


43 Antworten : “Crew – Lass den Trailer laufen”

  1. Benett Papp says:

    1:38 GTA??

  2. Bang Lintar says:

    I don't see any peds on the game.

  3. Huawei Keïta says:
  4. Henrique Corrêa says:

    I prefer my version =P watch?v=vOir29D2Uuo

  5. abandoned says:

    Cool trailer I think I will buy it

  6. Rayzor923 says:

    crappy American cars shouldnt even be on the same street as legitimate supercars like the laferrari, lambo or gtr

  7. ryan hanson says:

    If only if only…. to bad it doesn't actually look like that. Hell if it did, I wouldn't mind paying 80 for it. But as it is now. You couldn't get 20 out of me. 🙁 but on the good side, that was literally the best game trailer I've ever seen. Gave me chills.

  8. Marcos Matias says:


  9. outplayed 725 says:

    WOW THAT TRAILER WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!! thank god i played the beta or i would have bought it.

  10. Dannie in NZ says:

    Just what we want, a trailer that does not represent the actual game. woohoo

  11. BkS Media says:

    If Ubisoft do anything right, it's making epic trailers.

  12. What an amazing trailer !

  13. BuzzedLightyear says:

    I understand that this is just a trailer and not actual gameplay but they're making it look like it's extremely arcadey.  Like theres barely any physics at work and the cars don't have any weight to them.

  14. Dayton Sander says:

    Why did the Mustang say GT 5.0 when the front grill has a GT350 bumper and hood?

  15. d1sturb3d says:

    They literally created a Mustang out of rocks and dirt. Are the developers trying to say something? 😛 

  16. Emilio Rodriguez says:


  17. I wonder how long it took to render this video. Looks amazing.

  18. Raheel Virk says:

    If graphics were actually like this..

  19. Owen Goulden says:

    Spent more time on the trailer than the actual game

  20. VertigoDK says:

    That was pretty sick!

  21. Martin Gluvić says:

    01:45 why so unreal landing jump? :/

  22. Rudy Roelandts says:

    This is gay. There just angry cars….

  23. Johnny Organ says:

    Good trailer. Got me interested.

  24. R4inSpid3r says:

    I have a feeling this game is gonna be buggy when it comes out.

  25. hulksmash865 says:

    Awesome trailer, but now lets see how the game runs…

  26. Your Grandma says:

    Ubisoft – The Screw

  27. Shady Nathan says:

    If the cutscenes and the gameplay is only like that 🙂

  28. For sure, Ubisoft is one of the best in making CGI trailers. Grats!! Amazing!
    But for sure, you will fck up this game as well.

  29. nice detail on the trailer, but not the game

  30. Papelmusic says:

    This shit is a instant buy for sony ponies, they have nothing else better to play on their shitty console. lol sad

  31. It's fake propaganda, there is nothing like this in the actual game. The trailer also looked bad in quality.

  32. it doesn't mean nothing..

  33. Can't wait to make videos on this game!

  34. Akane Mistfire says:

    Stupid me i ended up buying this today just for the sake of something new to play since, ive finished all the others, honestly its pretty bad, i installed it and did the update and right away when i started a new game to play it froze at the loadin screen, had to reset dtart again. I played for half a hour in the prologue, didnt get out of that before it froze again, no internet problems i may add. I played it roughly 6 hours today, and i ended up with another 4 freezes aftet the first 2! On a side note the graphics yeah they arnt that great, and ofcause the driving is deffinatly like watch dogs driving, the start of the story seems just completly slabbed together and theres insta fail races, where if you dont come first, repeat it till you do. I dunno its a okay game its damn huge, but the constant freezings just a huge put off right there.. Not sure what others think or IF theyre having these freezes also but it really isnt that great of a game.

  35. Ahmad Isa says:

    stop warning people to buy this, at least its better than drive club

  36. Carlos Reynoso says:

    No mopars! Not a real racing game.

  37. discount need for speed.

  38. The actual game will never live up to these awesome trailers.

  39. It's set in Los santos from Gta 5

  40. Not even their trailer was 60fps…

  41. ListerStorm I says:

    Tried the beta on PC with my DFGT wheel… With friends this game is just amazing so much to do. best roadtrips ever.

  42. Game Ro Lic says:

    i came

  43. Rakyat Siber says:

    what the magnificent trailer.