Offizieller Trailer zum Lichtspiel „Danke für jedes deinen Tätigkeit“ 2017 | Bestellen ➤ | Miles Teller Lichtspiel #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 27. zehnter Monat des Jahres 2017 | Mehr ….


19 Antworten : “DANKE FÜR IHRE DIENSTLEISTUNGEN Trailer (2017)”

  1. Archie PHYT says:

    No one mess up with peaky blinders

  2. James Hormozi says:

    So many memories…it was very hard for me to watch this movie.

  3. Ayo Mr White I got Drip says:

    who knew miles teller from project x joined the Army

  4. Bogdan Vladiromivic says:

    Ging so. Hab mir mehr erhofft. Die leiden der Iraker werden nicht mal ansatzweise thematisiert.

  5. Wie heißt der Song an 2:13 min ?

  6. GITW K&M says:

    No shit this trailer made me cry

  7. Brijeshkumar Brijesh says:

    Thank you sir

  8. grace don says:

    Thank You for Your Service (2017)➝

    Grazie a DreamWorks Pictures per il vostro servizio segue un gruppo di soldati statunitensi che tornano dall'Iraq che lottano per integrarsi nella vita familiare e civile, mentre vivono con il ricordo di una guerra che minaccia di distruggerli molto tempo dopo aver lasciato il campo di battaglia. Interpretato da un cast di ensemble guidato da Miles Teller, Haley Bennett, Joe Cole, Amy Schumer, Beulah Koale, Scott Haze, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Brad Beyer, Omar J. Dorsey e Jayson Warner Smith, il dramma è basato sul libro più venduto da Il giornalista e autore vincitore del premio Pulitzer David Finkel. Jason Hall, che ha scritto la sceneggiatura di American Sniper, fa il suo debutto alla regia con Thank You for Your Service e funge anche da sceneggiatore. Jon Kilik (The Hunger Games series, Babel) produce il film, mentre Ann Ruark (Biutiful) e Jane Evans (Sin City) producono il film.

  9. Best movie about OIF ever made.

  10. Fun Games says:

    Fuck America

  11. Abel Batista says:

    Bolsonaro 2018!

  12. ThisGuy says:

    My cousin served in the Israel Defense Forces when he was in the war between Gaza and Israel in 2014 after the war he got a "post-trauma", the state brought him PTSD pills but it only made things worse, I remember once we sat on the table and he sweated because the brain Shalev told him he was in battle so he started to go crazy! . The state only made the situation worse so that he did not sleep for four months. But after receiving medical cannabis, he began to return to being "sane."

  13. Montathar A. Hussein says:


  14. KingGrizzly • says:

    The movie and the trailer are great

  15. sensorium3 says:

    I read the book by David Finkel. It is very sad 🙁

  16. Nathalie says:

    Excellent movie

  17. Manny Bedolla says:

    All of the womens acting in is fuckin aggravating

  18. brandon Costello says:

    This was a damn good film worth the money spent watching it