Depeche Mode - Somebody (Official Video)

Depeche Mode – „Somebody“ (Offizielles Video) unter dieser Regie von Clive Richardson Originalsong aus dem Album ‚Some Great Reward‘ (Sire / Mute – 1984) Kaufen Sie die 12 ”…


33 Antworten : “Depeche Mode – Der gerne Süßigkeiten isst (offizielles Video)”

  1. osama ezzat says:

    proud to belong to this era….till the day i die

  2. Ed Tillett says:

    This track always hits me hard, its raw honesty reminding us never to take for granted those special people we love.

  3. Christine Lairmore says:

    This is one of the most achingly beautiful love songs ever. When I was in high school in the 80’s it was amazing and guaranteed to be played by guys who wanted to get it on with their girlfriends….lol

  4. Artyomkeimov Kerimov says:

    Ты солнце

  5. JEREMY WEBERS says:


  6. JEREMY WEBERS says:

    mi cancion favorita x siempre la mas linda del mundo

  7. Dirk Barske says:

    Best BAnd ever!

  8. Lany Fabreo says:

    Forever 80s songs

  9. victor rodriguez says:

    My favorite Depeche Mode song………. greetings of Perú…

  10. Oliver Giesemann says:

    My wife and I met and fell in love with each other when were 16. From the beginning Depeche Mode was our favorite band. Somebody became veryquick "our" song. We married in 2000 and never had a single day that we were in doubt to do right thing. We went trough good and bad times for 28 years. Always together. Always a team. In 2018, I played "our" song to her for the last time, right after I had to tell her that we have to say good bye. On that day I lost the love of my life, I lost the half of myself. Cancer took her and left me alone. I was by her side to the very last heartbeat, listenening to "our" song. Oh, how I miss her. It still hurts so damn much.

  11. Ralf Barthel says:

    Uner Hochzeitslied 2008 ich bekomme immer noch eine Gänsehaut. Einfach nur Schön.

  12. Moon Walker says:

    Kinyas siyah saçlı kadınla dans ettiğinde çalan şarkı..

  13. Мое первое сексуальное вожделение ,оставшееся на всю жизнь:такое …..:девическое,трепетное и не состоявшееся,к сожалению,:((( все в этой музыке,которую включил мой парень для меня в ту ночь….30 лет прошло ….А я всю ее включаю

  14. Dirk Anders says:

    The best Song……depeche mode haben in der Zeit des kalten Krieges in einer so geilen Art und Weise die Kids in Ost und West zusammen geführt …..sie waren ein Stein der alle verbunden hat ….danke dafür …..ihr seit nach über 40 Jahren immer noch die beste Band der Welt

  15. p. sonntag says:


  16. Vic Rodriguez says:

    One of the BEST (if not THE BEST EVER) songs by DM………… Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The song for my daughter's wedding last Saturday. As her father, I was allowed to lead her to the altar. She chose this song very deliberately because Depeche Mode is the soundtrack of my life and our family. I've never been so deeply touched. It means so much to me. Of course I cried a lot of tears of joy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    In a world where 90% of songs are 'love' songs, this is the first I've resonated with

  19. zuzana Kaššovicová says:

    This is only song which I can hear.

  20. Heather S. says:

    Beautiful song sung by a beautiful man…

  21. Fluffy Dutchie says:

    Hearing this live in 2017 was one of the highlights of my life. The whole concert was incredible and made me feel so alive. This song introduced me to Depeche Mode when I was a kid and I instantly fell in love with them.

  22. Joanne Ponton says:

    How funny from master and servant/ two minute warning fuck can't get enough although I can't get enough

  23. Dasha Danielle says:

    When I was very little, I’d ask my dad what his fav song was each night. He told me it was this one. From then on I asked him to sing his “favorite song” to me each night before I fell asleep. And he did.

  24. Tiago Barros says:

    Absolutely masterpiece. Martin, you are a complete genious. And Alan, you're great too.

  25. My no.1 fav song when growing up. 20+ years later i still can sing this song by heart without looking up the lyrics.

  26. Bastian Harper says:

    Comeback Camouflage "Love is a Shield" :

  27. Antonio Scarcella says:

    Deep simple beautiful song, working graveyard and listening to this gives me light and relaxation to help me to pass the long night. Thank you Martin, thank you Alan

  28. Superalto says:

    I listened to this song in my room, on the day of my high school graduation in 1992, & I cried that I will miss my friends I made from the high school I went to for my junior & senior years of HS. Also, my cousin & cousin-in-law danced to this song in their wedding as their first dance in 2010. This song gave me & my cousin great memories of big days of our lives.

  29. longa roll says:

    This is so depressing

  30. Stephen Bell says:

    The song my then-girlfriend and I choose for ourselves way back in the day. Played it for our wedding in '91. 30th anniversary coming up.

    Banal and obvious it may be to say (and the banal and obvious do usually make me sick), but it's good to know kindness and passion and honesty and caring. It's good to be allowed to reciprocate those things. It's good to have the courage and the maturity to admit that both the receiving and the giving of these are actually damn important.

    It's good to share your striving, genuine, wacky, and occasionally perverted self with someone who doesn't indulge you or coddle you or belittle you or ignore you or lack the wit to understand you. It's good to have your ideas challenged but your imperfect self accepted. It's good to be able to support and love the one who loves and supports you. And it's absolutely freaking fantastic to have that person be your partner for life. Thank you, wife of mine. 🙂

  31. Justin Dawson says:

    I can’t sing this song without crying

  32. Marco Müller says:

    Love your complete works from speak & Spell on

  33. joe ryan mateo says:

    I really love the heart beat.