Explore the roots of Japanese Skateboarding with the Osaka Daggers | Going Olympic

Skateboarding ist eine Kunstform zum Besten von Osaka Daggers, eine Top-Freestyle-Crew, die ihre Leidenschaft an die nächste Generation weitergibt. Welches sind die fünf neuesten ….


22 Antworten : “Erspähen Sie die Wurzeln des japanischen Skateboardings mit Osaka-Dolchen Du gehst zu den Olympischen Spielen”

  1. JAMILLION says:

    Congratulations Japan your Olympic Success!

  2. Real Mcoy says:

    Asians just way good at all, gona be a good competition for real

  3. Kogosho ch says:

    Very underrated video that gives lots of inspiration.

  4. Maro #### says:

    Anyone know song at 9:00 mins?

  5. Julius CNA says:

    And the participation award goes to…

  6. music archive 111 says:

    why am i getting chills

  7. This is going to be so cool to see!

  8. Waynimations says:

    Japanese skateboarding is so cool

  9. bulma_999 says:

    yall chose some weird clips for this video… like these are some pretty out there tricks, idk what these would be doing in competition

  10. Andres Meow says:

    Eso se llama saber adaptarse!

  11. Dave Israel says:

    Finally Skateboarding makes it to the Olympics!!! finally the recognition it deserves

  12. This is sick AF

  13. JUICE BOX HATER says:

    Japan skate like Rodney Mullen

  14. Raphael Samera says:

    Gou miyagi vibes

  15. I saw this on air plane!

  16. Approximately Balut says:

    Japan needs more skateparks. There are too few, and mostly too far one needs a car to access. Skateboarding in public here is considered a nuisance and causing danger to other people. (If you ask me, I’d say playing catch is more dangerous to other people, but it’s allowed in any park.) It’s actually illegal to skate on the streets, some people have been arrested. It’s a wonder it even became an olympic sport.

  17. 락스보더 says:

    도라이가 일본말이었구나 이팀은 올드스쿨스타일이군… 올드스쿨도 종목이 있나?

  18. creme shaver says:

    In japan they are creative like in the early days of skating.

  19. creme shaver says:

    Absoloutely Insane!!!! Skating can look pretty different depending on where you live, which is sick!!!

  20. basir5623 says:

    japan got unique tricks. some of them i never seen before

  21. Angelo Cortez says:

    this is a cool anime

  22. Doksen Mx says:

    Se ve que usa tiene más lvl que china para las olimpiadas 2020