Expeditions: Rome - Announcement Trailer

Freunde, Römer, Landsleute, leiht mir eure Ohren! Expeditions: Rome kommt noch in diesem Jahr hinaus den PC. Bestimme dasjenige Schicksal Roms, während du Außerirdische besiegst ….


31 Antworten : “Expeditionen: Rom – Trailer mit Aviso”

  1. Anthony Smith says:

    The song makes the trailer for me. But apparently I'm the only one in the entire world xD

  2. Avrell Flagg says:

    I know nothing about this game, I'm sure its great and all..but my god this trailer blows.

  3. Андрей Таркин says:

    The trailer is certainly intriguing, but I would like the game to have a mystical component, say, some ancient monsters, like the Minotaur or the Gorgon, as bosses.

  4. PointBlank200 says:

    "Imma crack some heads!" 0:17
    – Cicero (probably)

  5. Eric Hassanille Quiroz says:

    Name of the song?

  6. raphaelw8s4u says:

    FINALLY! i love this game series!

  7. someskinnydago says:


  8. Bobbarækus says:

    I really enjoyed Expeditions: Conquistador, and Expeditions: Viking was an amazing game. If the same team is behind this, it's a day-one purchase.

  9. Samuel Bellamy says:

    Why on earth would you pick this music?

  10. Александр Волков says:

    Veni, vidi, vici.

    Thanks comrades, this is very cool.

  11. Hydrosphere13 says:

    reupload this without the shitty song in it.

  12. Quique Márquez says:

    Will it come to consoles as well THQ?
    Also congrats to the devs for such an engaging project!

  13. Beryl Autumnramble says:

    Enjoyed Conquistador, loved Viking, so am going to buy this one aswell, even though music in the trailer does it's level best to discourage me from the game.

  14. Rulin says:

    After watching many clips on Historia Civilis channel in the last few days, this looks like the sandbox I want to play as a roman now!

  15. KaiSaeren says:

    Oh HECK YEA! Iv been waiting for their next game for a long time 🙂
    And awesome song too.

  16. Erkan Aydin says:

    Turn based Tik-Tok video RPG

  17. Milan Nikolic says:

    Hell yeah! I loved playing Viking! Cant wait for this one!

  18. Faster Master says:

    Im sorry but what is this game about…the trailer literally conveys nothing to me except that its set in Rome

  19. Chronicles of Jonkar says:

    Looks great, would love it if this came to Stadia!

  20. SovietPuma says:

    What are those shields? those are definitely not roman

  21. Jean Jean Philippe says:

    Whats the song?

  22. samuraidoggy says:

    Looking forward to the game as the previous 2 were great!
    The music in this trailer is absolutely horrible choice though, like why such a choice and to whom is this style aimed at?

  23. ꧁Arxangel ꧂ says:


  24. Sparky Mahoney says:

    Interesting concept but the announcement trailer was so fucking bad it was a real turnoff.

  25. Youtube Comment says:

    Fire the idiot responsible for this awful music

  26. Sangheilitat117 says:

    So who is this supposed to appeal to? I'm a huge fan of Roman history and would love to see more games about Rome, but cringy modern-day pop made to appeal to zoomers set over some weird gameplay footage of a Centurion fighting like he's in 300, without his Century and instead with some random mercenaries (?) auxiliaries (?) really isn't selling me.

  27. VichiTV says:

    this is HYPE

  28. Nines RK900 says:

    Oh man this is EPIC. The game is already sold to me through just this trailer.

  29. Алексей 1.44 says:

    Негроидная музыка, это самое подходящее для игры про древний Рим.

  30. G. Matsetes says:

    I am really happy about the new game! I loved so much Expeditions Conquistador. I need to hurry up and play Viking that's still in my backlog

  31. Nomade says:

    Looks like Trajan To me