RENEGADES Trailer (2017)

Offizieller Trailer zum Lichtspiel Renegades 2017 | Bestellen ➤ | #Trailer zum Lichtspiel JK Simmons | Verteilung: 3.2.2017 ….


26 Antworten : “Fan RENEGADES (2017)”

  1. vulpespannonicus says:

    That's just Kelly's Heroes with extra steps.

  2. Whst a pile of American… were better than everyone else (or is that hated more than anyone else) over hyped crap.

  3. We/Await/You says:

    Poco sam da gledam misleci ce bude u veyi blaga amerikanci kradu po obicaju, a pocetak me naterao da se iznerviram

  4. Kristijan Pulišić says:

    This movie is like mix of A-Team and Battlefield:Bad Company…also filmed in my country,it will be intersting to watch!!

  5. Kristijan Pulišić says:

    This movie was completely filmed in Croatia!!

  6. fliptopsbattle evilbrotha says:

    "Not Quite My Tempo Soldier!"

  7. it's HILARIOUS watching yanks destroy more of the world. fuck off hollywood propaganda

  8. Quinton the Villain says:

    Gotta andmit, this looks stupid but fun.

  9. brettfavreify says:

    A Kelly's Heroes rip-off? Hey buddy, I got a memory.

  10. i'm bosnian…

  11. Maximilian Vages says:

    So, this is literally just Battlefield: Bad Company? amirite

  12. Based on a true story?

  13. Ben-Tziyon Opert says:

    Shouldn't they give the money to the french government?

  14. Vasile Dodu says:

    3 Kings reloaded ?

  15. Ragnar Lothbrok says:

    cant wait to see the movie, that last scene on bridge was filmed in my town xd

  16. KarlPilkingtonBullshit says:

    What's the song at the start ?

  17. Joel Ellis says:

    Looks like an updated "Kelly's Heroes" to me. It would be nice if they somehow tie this movie in with "Force 10 from Navarone".

  18. The Count of Monte Cristo says:

    Kelly's Heroes remake?

  19. Crunk Playa69 says:

    Gee, if only heist movies weren't exactly all the same.

  20. Rollender Donner says:

    not quite my tempo

  21. Tushar Kant Naik says:

    I hope this one has something better than that Blindspot guy, G.I. JOE in early days

  22. this is what a Battlefield Bad company movie would look like.

  23. Fantasy Unleashed says:

    Anyone the song name please?

  24. youreallydontneedtoknow says:

    This is some Battlefield Bad Company level shit

  25. Any scene where J.K. just screams at people is a scene I want to watch

  26. Sahul Mansoor says:

    Awesome trailer. ….looks like The A Team Reloaded