Far Cry 6 All Xbox Consoles Graphics Comparison & Frame Rate Test

Far Cry 6 Xbox One Sulfur vs Xbox One X vs Xbox Series Sulfur vs Xbox Series X Graphics Comparison and Frame Tarif Test

Still frames 00:00
X1S vs X1X Frame rate Test – Zipline 01:20
Still frames 01:50
XSS vs XSX Frame rate Test – Zipline 02:25
Still frames 02:53
X1S vs X1X Side-by-Side walk & takedown 03:30
XSS vs XSX Side-by-Side walk & takedown 03:54
NPC Models comparison 04:20
Syill frames – sunset 05:10
X1S vs X1X Combat Frame Tarif Test 06:00
XSS vs XSX Combat Frame Tarif Test 06:55
X1S vs X1X Horse ride Frame Tarif Test 07:50
XSS vs XSX Horse ride Frame Tarif Test 09:45

Far Cry 6 Main Theme

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