FIFA 17 - The Journey - Official Trailer

The Journey, powered by Frostbite-Technologie, ist ein neuer Modus in FIFA 17. Zeigen Sie hinaus und neben dem Spielfeld qua ein weiterer aufstrebender Premier-League-Star, Alex Hunter. Weiterspielen ….


28 Antworten : “FIFA 17 – The Journey – offizieller Trailer”

  1. Saad Showkat says:

    Those days when football was at it's peak

  2. Yaron Lavi says:

    why tf did youtube recommend this to me? fifa 22 is coming out atm

  3. UnknownFTW says:

    This was the best thing ea had done at the time

  4. Pepper Mint says:

    He looks so much like Anthony Martial

  5. Ryan Chillingworth says:

    The streets will never forget

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  7. Man this was epic! I only played the FIFA 17 version just a little bit(cause I has it on PS3 and only played with my cousin on his PS4), I played the FIFA 18 version 2 or 3 times and the FIFA 19 version just stopped working for no reason and I could never play it to the end.
    But I really liked the story and the idea. Shame that they made it unrealistic at some point and then stopped it.

  8. Samet Özkan says:

    Rashford + Anelka + Henry + Mbappe = Alex Hunter

  9. Young Fizz says:

    We got one good thing out of this, the song

  10. Adnan Omer says:

    After 4 years i got ea excess

  11. Nora Collins says:


  12. Missed days

  13. Buhle Luthuli says:

    When this trailer dropped it was the best thing since sliced bread

  14. Emil Aguero says:

    This trailer was epic

  15. AJ MILLER says:

    EA needs to bring hunter back

  16. Nino Aubame 07 says:

    Pleace Alex hunter Comeback fifa 21

  17. Hening Honing says:

    imagine if carrie player was like this

  18. el philippinho says:

    definitely the best fifa ever.

  19. PRINCE Chitha says:

    This is basically another version of Marcus rashford

  20. Sosa_ 24 says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out, looks amazing

  21. Here in 2020 , thinking about how epic FIFA 17 was .

  22. Bring it back to FIFA 21!

  23. Dream ♪ says:


  24. Asentseto says:

    Yeah FIFA 17 The Journey was great! Here is what every ,,The Journey” was out of 10:

    FIFA 17-8.5/10
    FIFA 18-7/10
    FIFA 19-4/10

  25. Justin Smith says:

    You know this trailer's old from the classic Barclays Premier League logo on the sleeves

  26. Cheeto Turtle says:

    I'm so hyped