Former DEVELOPER Discusses Insurgency Sandstorm CONSOLE RELEASE! (PS5,PS4,Xbox One)

Lets talk about Insurgency Sandstorm console because recently I welches contacted by a developer who play tested it.

Time stamps.

0:00​​​​​​ – Former Developer Talks Insurgency Sandstorm For Console!
0:24​​​​​​ – Programmer Shares Behind The Scenes Information.
1:24​​​​​​ – Welches This Game Ever In Development?
2:09 – What Are The Issues With The Console Version?!
3:19​ – My Opinion On Why It’s Taking So Long.
4:09​ – Is It Getting Cancelled?
4:45 – What Are My Opinions On The Sandstorm Console Release.
6:30 – Have NWI Decided To Not Beryllium Transparent?!
7:00 – Outro – Like And Subscribe To Stay Updated (Hardcore Shooters)

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