Fortnite World Cup Finals - Player Profile - Lefteye

Sehen Sie sich dies Finale jener Fortnite World Championship an – 26. – 28. Juli, 12:30 Uhr ET Dasjenige größte Turnier aller Zeiten! Sehen Sie im Spiel und vom 26. solange bis 28. Juli unter ….


37 Antworten : “Fortnite World Cup Final – Spielerprofil – Lefteye”

  1. good luck bro in the future❤

  2. Pov: he just quit

  3. Aneel Badesha says:

    He quit today so sad

  4. George Page says:

    Who’s here after he quit?

  5. “I like to be a fortnite parent” damn, my parents wont even let me leave the dinner table

  6. jghost lol says:

    I told my parents about the law suit and they said it will go away no one respects e sports

  7. And now he’s a controller scrimma oof

  8. my dad jobb on skellefteå airport

  9. Hudlog Bros says:

    They have to game so much

  10. Add another inventory slot plz

  11. FaZe_Sway Clash of Clans master says:

    I live in sweden

  12. 🙂

  13. You should ad links to their socials

  14. Meagan Merrill says:

    I have a girlfriend

  15. Dud I quit fort nite

  16. Is it me or he sounds like MrSavage lol

  17. Ember Crombie says:

    Please make air I pad 1 able to play fortnite

  18. Shadow_raze says:


  19. Shadow_raze says:


  20. spider queen kinda thick tho

  21. who wants red rush

  22. u mean norway

  23. Damn this is dope

  24. Mason Santiago says:

    I love Your game

  25. I go by the name of left eye

    zooms into his right eye

  26. I watched all of them in 1 day it’s so entertaining

  27. 10 months to see how he does, that's a lot of support.

  28. Heia Norge

  29. BenasTrol says:

    How to become pro: have parents who let u play all day.

  30. # FreeA$APROCKY

  31. sweden all the way!

  32. Yo epic games really out here changing peoples lives….crazy world we live in.

  33. Georgi Kanev says:

    He won’t win xd against guys like clix 10x better than him

  34. Lets go Vänsterögat

  35. Leftskull says:

    Left eye :thinking:

  36. =

  37. Felix Derallerechte says:

    His family is great and the nature around him is really great