Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡Go! – Episode 6

Playground Games enthüllt mehrere neue Autos und ein brandneues Showcase, dies Sie in Forza Horizon 5 erleben werden. 0:00:00 FH5 Limited Edition Controller ….


40 Antworten : “Forza Horizon 5: Gen geht’s! – Teil 6”

  1. Edwin De la Rosa says:

    me as a mexican trying not to slam my desk bc they said vocho wrong 30:28

  2. Obviously, the questions are ONLY ones that they can answer positively lol. Imagine if she would ask the "will there be indicators and funtioning interior GPS?". It would create such an awkward and sad moment.

  3. Xbox loves girls with half shaved heads

  4. William Parrilla says:

    Love how there is barely anyone living in Mexico, there is no buildings theres no peaple. It is litterly a fucking desert. Idk bout this game.

  5. CityzenEli says:

    Question: is the stupid steering wheel 90 degree feature fixed for steering wheel

  6. Zaw Win Paing says:

    damn i am buying this game

  7. M Wrench says:

    The starter cars are way too good. No sense of progression at all in this game. Hopefully Motorsport will go back to its roots, but I have little hope. Games are now designed for 9-years-old. Lame.

  8. Mihalis Merkuri says:

    I would like to have police as well

  9. StuProductions says:

    Its soo weird to me that they have tried SOOO hard go all "PC" and use buzz words like inclusive and diversity and design this milk toast racing game yet at the same time trying to get hardcore Racing fans in the mix. Its like they tried to fit both groups in here so they made it where you chase rainbow piñatas around the desert and can park your super car in your safe space garage. Like did you guys see the home menu page yet. It looks like its out of a blues clues episode.

  10. The Beamverse says:

    When will the controller be back in stock? I really want it

  11. Emppu T. says:

    If you want a cool electric car in Forza
    Get the Honda E.

  12. Emppu T. says:

    You know what the Merc reminds me of?
    A modern CLK-GTR. liveries inbound!

  13. Interesting2some says:
  14. The Blue Salamander says:

    42:38 LOL

  15. Since there’s already non road legal cars I’d really love if they put some F1 cars in this game

  16. FLOGO ZGEIK says:

    Add some proper DAMAGE MODEL!!
    Would add much more depth to realism and fun in gameplay…

  17. VipapkStudiosOfficial says:

    I'm sad that Keira won't be in Horizon 5 because it would make sense for her to be due same vibes of FH3. I adore and love her 🙁

  18. Why is there no 4k option, all of the "Let's iGo!" videos are limited to 1080p… It just looks like crap… I need to use my imagination (which is fine if I'm reading a book, but not when the whole goal of the video is to hype and impress us) to understand how will it look and how well will it run on 4k…

  19. Thomas Silcher says:

    I dont really care much for new cars I want to see more classic cars being added.

  20. hemani gunathilaka says:

    Do we have a demo in the game

  21. DRIFTLEGEND says:

    We going on a bear hunt we have to go through it

  22. Randolf says:

    Can we start the motor engine with a button?

  23. VipapkStudiosOfficial says:

    I'm curious about the main menu theme >_<

  24. 0011101001011011 says:

    aiaiai la creatura

  25. 49:37
    You’re joking right? No cross save? I hope that gets fixed because I intend to buy the Steam version and I don’t want to lose all my previous vinyls and liveries.

  26. Dj Vicky Kenya says:

    Nice improved graphics

  27. VStormV Bringer says:

    Looks better than 4!!!!!!!!

  28. Joshua Jacobson says:

    Does anyone know if there will be the ability to make custom music playlists or can we only listen to the given stations?

  29. strummer b says:

    The thing I like about the forza games is how the intro just launches you into the gameplay

  30. Goobob3 says:

    Do you get the controller if you pre-ordered the game on Xbox Digital download

  31. Shaurya Sinha says:

    This game can run in low end pc like which pc gives 30fps in forza horizon 4 in lowest setting

  32. Tom Mineo says:

    And maybe log trucks, tanker trucks, and trucks with cars on flatbeds driving on the roads?

  33. Tom Mineo says:

    Idea for variety: could you make it so the traffic car pickup trucks have roof racks and camp shells and even boxes in the beds of the trucks and maybe on the real pickups that we can drive in the game, thanks.

  34. makeouthillシ says:

    Question: is there gonna be 2020 hellcats?

  35. หนหวย เลขแม่น says:


  36. Lunatic Tou says:

    22:05 shadow left the chat

  37. Moto Poto51 says:

    i hope the ford f450 can roll coal when the game comes out

  38. TruGeek77 says:

    Will the premium version for steam also be available from November 5?

  39. Johnny Cage says:

    I'd love to one day see a Forza Horizon without that sh*tty festival crap, the ugly fortnite teeny stuff and the terrible music. In short – one that isn't targeted to the 8-16 year old kids.

  40. Green Grugach says:

    The yellow dye, the standard lesbian commie haircut, the Doc Martin's, the…heft, I knew then I was not going to get Digital Foundry type questions, "how many seasons?" It asks, there's only four ffs.