Fuser - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

Willkommen beim Non-Stop Digital Music Festspiel, nebst dem DU die Musik kontrollierst! Mixen Sie Hits, meistern Sie dasjenige Podium und treten Sie an und funktionieren Sie mit welcher Welt zusammen, um ….


41 Antworten : “Fuser – Trailer Reveal Trailer | PS4”

  1. Motivated Memer says:

    I need this mix. It’s lit af ngl.

  2. HaCkEr MlBb says:

    Music name

  3. vtec turbo says:

    Yo tomorrowland

  4. MCrilly08 says:

    Does anybody know if this works on PS5?

  5. Cristian Garnica says:

    Djhero es mil veces mejor

  6. ChillaxDude 4.0 says:

    Will you be able to play this on the PlayStation 5 if you have it downloaded on your PlayStation 4?

  7. Enygma says:

    PepeLaugh oh no no no streamers oh no no no

  8. ThatCanadianGamer says:

    How much

  9. casfacundo torres says:

    si no entiendo ni de que se trata el juego como me lo voy a comprar

  10. Buraka Ninja says:

    The game is to expensive

  11. The002seven says:

    I miss Dj Hero more now……

  12. Devil Z Wangan Midnight says:

    My big Question is CAN U MAKE UR OWN BEATS.

  13. Mr. Crow says:

    This game looks great, but I don’t think it will EVER be worth £60.

  14. Torrez Machaca David Rodrigo 18 says:


  15. Thiago Monteros says:

    I really REALLY wish they put marshmello song in this game

  16. Xenon The Dragon says:

    This would have been a dope VR title

  17. is there an option for the audience to wear masks and be 6 ft. apart?

  18. rafao 4040 says:

    Tou esperando super ansioso pra o jogo sair logo no ps4

  19. Travis Bentley says:

    When does it come out on ps4 ?

  20. Lytrell Luke says:

    They should make it that you can play PS VR on this game because I reckon that would be a great addition for the game, giving you a great dj experience by feeling you are there

  21. dah starr says:

    they are about a decade late with this one

  22. Apocalyt says:

    No copyright for play xd

  23. Retake says:

    There better be trench tøp fans only section

  24. Tonix Gaming says:

    Song at 0:50

  25. Kayki Prex says:

    Goty 2020

  26. Gamer Fantastik says:

    xxxtentacion? 1:22

  27. Mr Richie says:

    Over 1000+ DLC songs @ $3 each

  28. Dub Dub Go says:

    Booooooooooo with an infinite O's

  29. Willy 1504 says:

    So coolll!!! Tomorrowland simulation game

  30. A n d y S says:

    CoPYStRIKE the game

  31. Kathy Brower says:

    sees smash mouth on the artists list
    i think we already know whats coming

  32. bliinxs says:

    Country song lovers punching the air right now

  33. Oscar Ortiz says:

    Espero que salga para la PS5

  34. Edoardo Estevez says:


  35. Nicolas L says:

    Make a dj game
    No techno
    Why ?

  36. Amrit Devta says:

    Where is the skip ad button 🙁

  37. charles h says:

    I like how they show like an EDC festival main stage in the back. But over 70% of the artist are just main stream pop artist from the past 20 years.

  38. Kennedy_Pimenta says:

    Eu vou criar o mod do vintage culture quero bem saber

  39. darknid159 says:

    Add dubstep and drum n bass and then I’ll buy it

  40. ToeB91 says:

    Tour de France game just got a challenger in competion for dumbest game

  41. Chance Poitra-Harris says:

    no, I don't think I will