GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

Laden Sie den raffiniertesten und gewagtesten Raub herunter, den die Stadt das nichts gewinnt Santos je erlebt hat, im Kontext The Diamond Kasino Heist – jetzt zugänglich im Kontext GTA Online. …


39 Antworten : “GTA Online: The Diamond Kasino Heist”

  1. NickOGatinhoCowboy says:

    My First time doing It 🙁

  2. Rockstar Portugal players can't play in gta casino because some stupid idea and bad interpretation of the law. The gta casino it is not a real money game of luck or chance and it is not in real world. So the Portuguese law does not foresee this situation. You don't need to pay any game license to Portugal. Let us play like the other players please.

    Rockstar os jogadores de Portugal não podem jogar no gta casino por causa de alguma ideia estúpida e má interpretação da lei. O gta casino não é um jogo de sorte ou azar com dinheiro real e não está no mundo real. Portanto, a lei portuguesa não prevê esta situação. Você não precisa pagar nenhuma licença de jogo para Portugal. Por favor deixem os jogadores Portugueses jogar no gta casino como os outros jogadores.

  3. Christopher Eyre says:


  4. Please add a new heistt

  5. Jasen McCarthy says:

    I remember doing this the first hour it came out and I was so happy good times

  6. Lil Uzi 1600 says:

    Life was good when this came out

  7. I sadly cant play the casino games cuz its banned in my country

  8. Dose anyone know when Diamonds come back??

  9. Magnus The Rogue says:

    I like how they lied that the bugstar disguises gave you immunity to the nerve agent

  10. Omega Gaming says:

    0:48 guy casually shooting his teammate

  11. Xx killem xx says:

    2 years damn years go by so quick

  12. SynthJocker says:

    2 years….

  13. Luke Gamer Vlogs says:

    Lester: Time to Crack the diamond baby

    What he really means: time to take 99% of the cut baby

  14. Materac says:

    The diamond CASINO heist is the best

  15. Zach Wilcox says:

    Everybody gangsta unless it’s Lester

  16. Стас Стафеев says:

    GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

  17. Parzival71 says:

    Cayo: I’m going to end this heist’s whole career

  18. Simone Angeleri says:

    Commento 6667

  19. Mr Krabs says:

    The diamond casino and resort heist came out one year ago it felt like it was yesterday

  20. tech show LK says:

    rip update

  21. TRICKY . says:

    This was definitely one of the best trailers

  22. TeamTraMa says:

    Need a agent and some player's

  23. Didar Tolegen says:

    Looks like Watch Dogs 2 0:25

  24. linen Jaiden says:

    The hype for this was probably the best DLCs Facts

  25. puhteeah says:

    me after buying a penthouse and robbing the casino for my money back guarantee

  26. Trex37530 says:

    when i play i got disconnected bc bug so i cant finish this heist so for me the worst update

  27. FireShockerz says:

    Time to get the boys together

  28. Why you didnt contact me Lester? I wanted to make a little cash

  29. Phantom says:

    I don’t know why but I just adore this trailer lmao

  30. Etho Mc28 says:

    I still think this the funniest heist in gta5

  31. Scrubby Gaming says:

    this is the best trailer for any gta update without any competition

  32. Verne Hokkanen says:
  33. Memster69 says:

    Rule number 40: if anything makes money your gonna rob it

  34. MR. NAFEEW says:

    World best game

  35. Yo every casino heist I do is a fail

  36. Κλάτσης says:

    It's been a year ..

  37. Nintendo Songs and sounds says:

    Record braking weakened

  38. Best heist update imo

  39. Who else is watching this after Cayo came out