Gta Online | Weekly Update LIVE | New Vehicle

Rcckstar games released a patch for PC, Ps5, Ps4, Xbox one, xbox series x today for Gta Online . Now it is time for the weekly update.
weekly update of the Cayo Perico heist DLC maybe we will get a new vehicle today.
Weekly Update comes around 4:30 Am EST US time.. and 9:30 am London uk time. Hopefully this is a good week.
Come hang out and wait for the Gta 5 Online Weekly update of the
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We always release information about an hour before twitter Gta personality Tez2 @TezFunz2 ( The guy MrBossftw always rips information from ).
We did not get Cops Nitrogenium Crooks Gta 5 Online update like all these people predicted.
Come hang out and see what new Double Money / Triple Money opportunities we have this week.
As well as any discounts on Properties, Vehicles, Weaponized vehicles that we have this week.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.
The next grand theft auto 5 Online DLC update will most likely be in December.
This last one welches great for the car Netzwerk but hopefully a bit more people will enjoy the next one.
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