Halo Wars 2 Atriox Trailer

Sein Name ist Atriox, ein durch den Vertrag versklavter Brute, dieser schließlich gegen seine Herren rebellierte und zur Legende wurde. Seine Rebellion inspirierte die Geburt von The ….


37 Antworten : “Halo Wars 2 Atriox-Trailer”

  1. Adam Cheklat says:

    Think the Banished would unite with the UNSC against the Covenant?

  2. WarGrowlmon18 says:

    The Banished are confirmed in Infinite but that's not Atriox in the trailer. He probably will still appear though

  3. Mr Helljumper says:

    I’m sorry to comment 5 years later but what song?

  4. GhostSamurai says:


  5. Sánchez Cayetano Uziel Abinadi says:

    Need this soundtrack

  6. Who here after infinite gameplay

  7. Benjamin Rojas says:

    343 did good to bring back Atriox

  8. Jumpeer BH says:

    Here we go, Master Chief, The Arbiter & the swords of shanghelion vs Atriox and The Banished

  9. Kafei Yihsu says:

    the banished return in halo infinite

  10. Mick Laid says:

    Here after The Banished voice leak Halo dropped. Wow

  11. He's back!

  12. stilt_skin_my_rumple says:

    I'm so glad the banished will be in Infinite. HYPE

  13. NightWolf says:

    See 343 ? Thats what happens when you fire brian reed

  14. AtomicR4IN says:

    Why does the music correspond with halo 5 master chief vs locke scene

  15. Alejandro TL says:

    Atriox and his army should have been the main enemies of halo 4 and 5.

  16. Tomoko Grey says:

    1:31 i love this piece of music right here

  17. Wasil Khan says:

    Song name anyone?

  18. Black hole says:

    We made it well.

  19. Allen Veratu Glax says:

    Hes terrifying

  20. THE Scratchyscratch! says:

    Ooh ooh aah aah me am brute

  21. omega Erwin says:

    This was better then the way they actually did it in the game

  22. Rogelio Ceron says:

    I love halo 7w7

  23. Crunchy Bombed says:

    Umm the arbiter defied the covenant and succeeded

  24. Raleifoot Chisolm says:

    What was the music used in this?

  25. That One Person says:

    What's the music at 1:31?

  26. X Scorpio Aventador X says:

    Trillions of trillions of units

  27. Jumpeer BH says:

    I lost the hope on 343i wt Halo 5 but HW2 brings me the hope again. I want a real Halo!

  28. Epic Dude says:

    Why are they playing Halo 5 music at 1:46 ?

  29. Brandon Dixon says:

    Why haven't they turned halo into a movie?

  30. Krysis_64 says:

    When u see a spider on the floor 1:40

  31. Darth Vader says:


  32. Space Cat Nuggets says:

    I prefer the AI Serina

  33. Timur 56255 says:

    Like, if you like banished scarab.

  34. Tamás Fábián says:

    Atriox is Jake the DOG <3

  35. Rhys Cairns-Hoare says:

    i think 343 finally found out what halo is

  36. Erik Segersäll says:

    The trailer has 3,2 milion views, yet the game only sold 0.15 million copies

  37. Look at the expressions…YES, IT'S A CGI RENDER! Can you believe it?!

    Ladies and gentlemen, another piece of art from Blur Studio.