Lost Ember - Release Trailer | PS4

https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/lost-ember-ps4/ Lost Ember wird am 22. November im PlayStation Store verfügbar sein! Die phänomenal schöne Welt hält …


35 Antworten : “Heißer Trailer verloren PS4”

  1. Trailer > Game, sadly

  2. MacGuire says:

    I felt like I had been there before while playing the game. Maybe reincarnation is real

  3. Galacta says:

    Cest une histoire ou un jeux ouvert ?

  4. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says:

    Wild & Free
    Wild & Free
    Set Yourself Free.

  5. Shadowthewolf says:

    The Spirit Orb (Red orb) Is like the spirit of the north

  6. Bruh Bruv says:

    Walk around simulator 2019

  7. Ariana Correa says:

    Song Come Back Home: all this time l thought l was wrong l won't life l won't life all we had now is gone a'll our fought we rise and we fall find who l am l'm not alone find my way back l'll come back home

  8. Seeing Silvervale play this was the best
    More streamers need to play this game

  9. Joof Jeff says:

    Is the game coming out on iPad?

  10. Joof Jeff says:

    What’s this music?! I love it ❤️

  11. Joof Jeff says:

    You should get Wolfquest

  12. Taly Meraki says:

    I want this 😮

  13. Simone Mariani says:

    I'm already crying

  14. Willow I Mini cyan fox I says:


  15. XyloFox Literature says:

    This game, and spirit of the north are probably my favorite. I wish they had their own genre.

  16. XyloFox Literature says:

    Is this on Steam?

  17. SOHAN C says:

    "the last tree vibes"

  18. The Bahamian Rainman says:

    Song name! Song name, song name song name song name SONG NAME!

  19. MegaAedu says:

    Beauty > killing

  20. David Kirby says:

    For all those whose souls have been scarred by this terrible year – you need to play this game. Thank you, Mooneye.

  21. has anyone played Sky: Children Of Light? cuz this is the furry version of it but better.

    Read more

  22. DragonBoy 50% says:

    10 out of 10 would play 100 times over.

  23. Маша Силицкая says:


  24. Alyssa Bullock says:

    Im shocked this trailer doesnt have at least a million views. Games like this are so underrated ><

  25. Aurora Perez says:

    I'm going to ask my dad to bye this

  26. At Random Fandom says:

    Almost started crying

  27. notyourspooder notyourspooder says:

    Cool looking game, annoying music

  28. Mr Penguin says:

    this is like spirit of the north in a way

  29. Jordan Holland says:

    Song anyone?

  30. WindBlade says:

    Dweebs and losers gonna love this

  31. nancy xiang says:

    So, the black wolf is a ghost that can possess animals? And he has a ghost friend that doesn’t do that, but guides him?

  32. Atenea Barrios says:


  33. WindwardStew says:

    Honey, Jeff is jumping off waterfalls again

  34. cowboy magpie says:

    when will it come on the switch?

  35. CandyMoon #ryśMarysi says:

    I want it.