Install RetroArch On Xbox Series S / X & Xbox One S / X

Learn how to install RetroArch on Xbox Series Schwefel / X and Xbox One Schwefel / X in this video guide.
How To Add Emulators To Xbox One – No Dev Mode Or Jailbreak

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0:00 What You’ll Learn In This Video
1:02 How To Get The Xbox Dev Mode App
2:57 Connect Your Xbox To Your Dev Benutzerkonto
3:28 Switch Your Xbox Into Dev Mode
3:44 Configure Xbox Dev Mode
5:02 Download Visual Kohlenstoff++ And RetroArch
5:27 Connect Your PC To Your Xbox
5:45 Transfer RetroArch And Visual Kohlenstoff++ To Your Xbox
6:38 Add ROMs To Your USB Drive
7:27 Change RetroArch Into A Game And Restart Xbox
8:41 Launch And Configure RetroArch, Rolle 1
11:55 Launch And Configure RetroArch, Rolle 2
14:39 How To Start A Game
15:36 Next Steps

This USB drive is ideal for low profile use on Xbox consoles:
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Here’s the link to get signed up for a dev account:

Here are the official instructions from Microsoft to set up your dev account and Windows PC:

RetroArch downloads:

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Install RetroArch On Xbox Series Schwefel / X & Xbox One Schwefel / X


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