Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Mainframe regieren die Nintendo Switch mit jener Veröffentlichung von Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition: ….


45 Antworten : “Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition – Launch-Trailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. omar emad gaming says:

    Hey nintindo I am happy with your new great games but can you please do the pre order for Jurassic world 2 I hope you read this message

  2. what about jurassic world evo 2?

  3. Marouane meftah Tf says:

    A suprise to be sure but a welcome one

  4. Muneer Ahmad says:

    Someone tell me can i play this in pc

  5. Jerome Poles says:

    e can all agree that it would be way mor efun and eaisyer to shot the dinosaurs and on the go makes m feel so happy and filled with hope now that my ps4 failed

  6. Jerome Poles says:

    guys my ps4 is broke and i have a nentendo thx for the save

  7. Stan Marsh says:


    It would be good to have dino fans in my friends list

  8. Angel Beys says:

    This is Fake

  9. Sparky0566 says:

    Is this digital only?

  10. Renee Hall says:

    When is it coming out

  11. Aaron Sanchez says:


  12. Andres Urquijo says:

    Hola perdona donde se puede comprar en España alguien sabe

  13. Andres Urquijo says:

    Donde se consige

  14. Marcelo De Souza de Oliveira says:

    Meu sonho é ter um Nintendo

  15. Patrick Gronli says:

    Ive got it and its so fun!

  16. Pandi Pandi says:


  17. Sven Verdonck says:

    does it also come to ps4 the complete edition does somone know?

  18. Stormbreaker 309 says:

    So that explains the T. rex from Mario odyssey

  19. JSG Play Center says:

    When will there be a physical copy. I dont buy digital copy

  20. Can i play it on switch Lite?

  21. Wilbur branzouski says:

    Turn the resolution down to 144fps and it’s perfect

  22. drakke125 says:


  23. Guilherme Moreira Teixeira says:

    how much freee…? what! 70$ no fracking way im buying this

  24. Yesss

  25. I still prefear Fossil Fighter

  26. Im getting that on Christmas

  27. Gavin Lyons says:


  28. Jess Gott Disney says:


  29. HeyThisIsBrian says:

    Isn't it a bit early to be making an hd remake of Super Mario Osyssey?

  30. I Like this

  31. Mauricio Frias says:

    Alguien sabe para qué sirve la bengala? jajaja no puedo encontrar la repuesta

  32. Nyx Ulric says:

    Good graphics

  33. Mercedes Lajara says:

    que madita y diotes pongalo en cartucho por que ay jente que quiere jugar perono pueden

  34. Get ready for some deplorable frame rates. This game ran like crap even on the PS4 when your park reaches a certain size.

  35. Melissa L says:

    I dunno but JP gave me nightmares! Lol I don’t think I could play this game

  36. Paula Lucía Acrich says:

    ¿Para cuándo el Yoshi hiperrealista en el juego? :^)

  37. YoshiWacker says:

    I watched all of the movies when I was 4 and I still am watching them

  38. Anonymous 420 says:

    Jwe: half fps edition

  39. IRex Rampage says:

    One of the best games ever in the go


  40. I thought I would never love again and die alone in a pit of depression, but now I will die in a pit alone with Dinosaurs. 🙂

  41. I'm at a complete loss why the switch is just getting the complete version, why is this complete version not coming out on other consoles?

  42. would buy cart

  43. T rex for smash

  44. Comic’s for life says:

    Finally a good Dino game on a console I can use

  45. Se7en E11even says:

    Is there any a physical copy of this game?