Fall Guys - PlayStation Plus Trailer | PS4

Kasus Guys erscheint am 4. August zu Gunsten von PlayStation Plus! …


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  1. KubaTTek says:


  2. [rodrigo] ARK;) says:

    Gracias PlayStation
    Gaste 20 dólares es un juego que ni puedo jugarlo porque necesito ps plus
    Osea ensima que me pides pagar por un juego y después pagar una suscripción para jugarlo

  3. Axel benjamin Salvador donayre says:


  4. Đăng khôi gamer 99 says:

    It took me $ 19.99 to buy this game in ps4 and it let me down

  5. I downloaded today fall guys lol

  6. Natasha Moulterie says:

    I wish I had ps ➕


    It's cool how you can play this game for free only if you have Ps Plus, but if you don't have it you have to pay 20 $/€ for the game.

  8. DaanXD GT says:

    This came on my birthday

  9. Axelgamerff says:

    Is unfair is only for play station plus

  10. Nfz master says:

    Okay this is cool

  11. Soy el comentario mas reciente XDD

  12. Bibitybaqityboo says:

    When I saw it it looked like a kids game on stadia or a rip-off but after watching youtube this game looked fun to download

  13. Emily Andreassen says:

    I paid for it and i cant play without ps+ ???

  14. Paid 20usd and still cant play it because of ps plus

  15. Love the game.

  16. Take away that we have to have ps plus to play some can’t spend money on these things u kno

  17. BENZI LESHEM says:

    The ps dont geve my to boy this

  18. OVII OVII says:

    Need ps plus?

  19. pokemonfan 898 says:

    Quick question, why when I check the license for the game it only says I can play it till 30/3 when the other games say I can play them infinitly, I don't want 10 months of fall guys I want the full licence.

  20. عامر عمار Gamer says:

    لا اله الاالله محمد رسول الله

  21. BurgerKingAzusa says:

    Best new game out right now!

  22. Yusuf Alpen says:

    wow i spend 20$ for a game and it still need still needs online this is bullcrap

  23. L0vr0 G4M3R says:

    great game but i am disapointed because you can't play it without ps+ at least i have gang beasts

  24. Dany BM says:

    This game so nice 😀 i need this game 😀

  25. ぺこぽん says:


  26. Cobwebbed says:

    This game reminds me of a Japanese game show

  27. Be cool Baran says:

    Make it Free

  28. akatsuki says:

    It’s not free on ps4 I got charged $100 for downloading it for free and I have ps4 plus.

  29. Anas Playss says:

    Its me make FALL GUYS

  30. Agri* Coco says:

    Bonjour j'ai acheter fall guys avec le ps plus sur PS4 quand mon moi ps plus sera fini pouraije encore jouer à fall guys

  31. Fortnite videos says:

    All the game is WHY YOU BULLY ME

  32. Gg

  33. Sheheryar 07 says:

    Add it in mobile

  34. tevon ♪ says:

    who else has been waiting for PlayStation to publish this game to their store?

  35. Jhon Sebastian Arando says:

    : los pobres como yo no podran comprarr 🙁

  36. jge treched346 says:

    Yo PlayStation can I get a refund on this game

  37. voltrecc says:

    i should get this on my ps4

  38. Mustafa 2200 says:

    We need this game on pe

  39. Andrew Olson says:


  40. The Egg says:

    This game is a scam on ps4 I bought it for 20 dollars and it said I needed ps plus to play the game it also had a option that said you can buy ps plus and play it for free so I actually have to pay 30 dollars before I can play just to warn all of you

  41. Diegooo Paulino says:

    Es el mejor juego

  42. okay can someone answer this… if you get one month of ps plus and you get this game for free from the ps plus and then the ps plus for a month expires, do you still keep the game

  43. It's me says:

    I have ps plus but it says that i need to pay for the game,why?