Farming Simulator 22 - gamescom Trailer

Lasst die guten Zeiten wachsen – die letzte und millionenschwere Vorspiegelung dieser Landwirtschaft kehrt am 22. November zurück! Landwirtschafts-Simulator 22 bietet mehr Tiefsinn und …


27 Antworten : “Landwirtschafts-Simulator 22 – gamescom-Trailer”

  1. gregory emmanuel mars says:


  2. Tanmay Sankolli says:

    Gameplay > Graphics

  3. soviet-sexual says:

    мммм графика десятилетней давности

  4. Drunk rider says:

    Game from android?

  5. Darthkillerhog P says:

    Just to let everyone know these graphics in the trailer aren't fully optimized. You'll see fully optimized when game comes out

  6. What did you do?! It's like playing cartoon! Giants, u hurt my heart! I'm really disappointed with you!

  7. Jeff & Dan says:

    Why does it look so bad???

  8. Hans Hauser says:

    graphically it reminds me more of fs17 than fs19 .. disappointment

  9. kevin moran says:

    The graphics are somehow worse than farming sim 19

  10. Pablo Jesus says:

    I thought it was the mobile version…

  11. PS3 still working !

    Oh wait…

  12. Żeralt z Rivii says:

    Good, but not worth 40e

  13. For mobile those graphics are impressive bt for consoles "dude are you serious!?"

  14. Looks the same lol.

  15. Showdown Brown says:

    Did you guys fix the logs glitching out of tractor claws yet?

  16. 최우혁 says:

    와.. 그래픽 무슨일이냐;; 2013S년에 나온 gta도 이것보다는 낫다

  17. James Willis says:

    Graphics are so much worse than 19

  18. Dishan Daniel says:

    This looks like fs17

  19. Make the graphics better and ill buy it

  20. big tractor driver says:

    its will be awoble on ps 4?

  21. wow we are in 2011 now?

  22. Why does this look worse visually than the previous title?

  23. Mister Borussia says:

    Now i can make my boring life even more boring!

  24. Alice In HELL says:

    Lets be honest,
    Are there really people buying these?

  25. Mr Samurai says:

    mobile texture

  26. The Protaganist says:

    Nah I’m going stick with stardew valley

  27. Rémy Btr says:

    WTF c'est quoi ces graphismes de 2005 là ?! mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr