Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 4 - Endurance

Die Spielzeit läuft nicht so, wie Chawy erhofft hatte. Nachdem AHQ in den Frühjahrs-Playoffs hinkte, gegen Flash Wolves verlor und MSI verpasste, fand sich Chawy in …


44 Antworten : “Legends Rising Staffellauf 2: Folge 4 – Kondition”

  1. Imperador Vinícius 황제 says:

    This is so…Amazing.

  2. Vplaytg says:

    the strength of his glasses is over 9000

  3. chawy is so fucking good

  4. KAIJU CURA says:

    westdor came from the west door 3:53

  5. WAN Fenium says:

    Its alright chawy,you might be the first singaporean to enter worlds however i will be the first Singaporean to win the world championship….bye bye SKT.

  6. Styx Zero says:

    chawy is good boy, i hope he become big star in future to come!!!

  7. Doug Dimmedome says:

    So chawy is clearly better and Westdoor responds to that as saying chawy needs to practice hard. What a cock

  8. Victor Barcelo says:

    Thanks +Gbay99 for sending me here this was totally worth the watch!

  9. Taco Dragon says:

    chawy is so much better

  10. Abckek k says:

    Tbh I really think it´s the biggest bullshit to bann people from competitive for boosting other players to earn money. I mean they invest like extrem amounts of time into getting to the point to be able to easily climb ranks and outperform 95% of the playerbase and it´s not like you get paid for playing league of legends otherwise if you are not in a team. He did the right thing and riot was just a bunch of retards denying hard working players like chawy to fullfill their dreams.

  11. EKS DEE says:

    Sad theres no season 3

  12. Mafonek1 says:

    thx gbay

  13. Ravileon says:

    These always boost my morale and I want to play until I got 2/8 and lose 5 games in a row.

  14. Shark Bait says:

    Chaw chaw numba 1

  15. Vu Nguyen says:


  16. trevchanz mum says:

    holy idk why but this video made me cry so much

  17. Chawy!

  18. EveryExperience-A-Lesson says:

    GO CHAWY !!

  19. Jhin The Virtuoso says:

    Nice i saw trafalgar law figure xD

  20. MusicForCod says:

    Chawy we love u right guys !! Right guys

  21. jiminfested says:

    Fine I'll say it. I'm here because gbay99 linked it

  22. João Neto says:

    Acho que esses caras não conhecem o Takeshi

  23. Black Axe says:

    C'mon, can't Chawy speak english?! The world really thinks Singapore is little China

  24. Hsin-yi Cheng says:

    Because Westdoor sucks

  25. MC Feeder says:

    wtf 15:15 lms Sneaky?!?!

  26. haceunmaldia says:

    Chawy's sister

  27. TheXwhysoseriousX says:

    chawy sister woo

  28. Oscar Mo says:

    33:18 RNG??

  29. Susan Chen says:

    coming back to comment bc chawy was able to play and looked super good even though they lost ! hope they play him more :)))

  30. JusticeTamer says:

    Funny how Chawy is not very honest with his account on why he elo boost.
    Chawy official statement on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ChawyXL/posts/1110021652347319
    "My investment with my brother failed badly costing me to lose around S$10,000. ( I had quite a bit of winnings from DotA/ DotA2 ). It was then I started going around collecting money from people I lent to, and from that 'friend' I 'worked' for. "

  31. Gezzmo305 says:

    To be fair, Chawy has had abit of international success. He represented GPL during the AllStars games in 2013 and lets not forget he was a Dota pro before he switch to LoL. Coming in 3rd place in the International with Scythe and hyhy!

  32. zwieselwiesel says:

    "We are progamers easy" "left left" HAHAHA

  33. Tommy James says:

    wow gj riot for suspending a kids for elo boosting… it was probably only to make a little of money because his family wasn't rich…. you are so stupid Riot stop looking only at yourself. You should give him money and told him that you did a mistake…

    Riot was so much better before…

  34. Emmanuelle Lopez says:

    11:47 what game is it?

  35. Emmanuelle Lopez says:

    Chawy is amazing. looks like amazing guy!

  36. MagicHappensHere says:

    I cried like a bitch! Now i'm cheering for chawy, Fuck You westdoor

  37. best episode so far

  38. Lee Bryan says:

    S6 ahq Chawy is just like S5 Skt easyhoon

  39. くろぼし says:

    prob chawys "friend" sold him out

  40. くろぼし says:

    wer are pro gamers, easy

  41. Andy Tran says:

    "leadership skills" from yellostar lmfao

  42. sam rawrs says:

    i love this series

  43. BboyNew16 says:

    One of my favorite episode ftm

  44. The law figurine at 20:03 😀