LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Gameplay Reveal | PS4

Spiele jeglicher neun Star Wars-Saga-Filme in einem brandneuen LEGO-Videospiel, dies seinesgleichen sucht. Erleben Sie lustige Ereignis, stimmungsvollen Komik und …


31 Antworten : “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Preisgebung des Spiels | PS4”

  1. Mario Robles says:


  2. Still no news or anything

  3. MarvelManiac says:

    People say lego games are for kids, but I’ve been playing legos since I was born, and I will not stop

  4. Dusky Donut says:

    When will this game come? This is ridiculous.

  5. Genuinely have never been so hyped for a Lego game.

  6. VilkasPilkas says:



  8. anime_world668 says:

    I can’t wait to play that game like I can’t wait I can’t

  9. Spartan 711 says:

    Ngl, this does look very promising

  10. Spider Knight says:

    I’m still hoping this comes out some time this year or 2022

  11. MandoPACKAREW says:

    Did this game get thanos snapped?

  12. Autizmo _ says:

    I’m just sad that yaddles lightsaber is the wrong color


    Lego: there will be battle of hoth,destruction of Death Star,invasion of naboo and more!
    Me: what about the droid attack on the Wookiee

  14. No way they fit everything into one game. This game might disappoint a lot of people

  15. Anna Petridis says:

    I can't wait for the hoth battle it looks awesome

  16. maxwell greenfield says:

    Is this gonna be online co op?

  17. SolarStarSeeker says:

    11 months ago. I can wait a little longer.

  18. imagine lego cyberpunk 2077

  19. Hmmm, Ok says:


  20. Arton Bayross says:

    Plz release it

  21. Arton Bayross says:

    When is the game i am deing to play it

  22. Dragon Warrior Chris says:

    it hasn't come to playstation store yet!

  23. Bigfoot Boi says:

    Dude the last time I played the star wars game on my Xbox 360 was like 4 years ago im stoked to play this

  24. Lightskin Wonder says:

    Can i relive my child days in the mos eisley cantina

  25. Is this ever going to be released?

  26. Christian Puddington says:

    It may have been delayed again, but I'm ok with that. This is going to be the biggest LEGO game ever made, and I'd rather TT Games take their time to make it just right before launching it.

    Even so, I absolutely can't wait to play it!!

  27. Bianca Ford says:

    You better make it fun with Boba Fett foundthe sarlcc pit pit lol

  28. Bianca Ford says:

    I can’t wait for it to come out

  29. Alejandro Garza says:

    Should I get the ps4 or the switch
    On the ultimate edition

  30. Paddle Man says:

    all be honest im not a fan of the close up third person camera, OG lego games knew what they were doing

  31. Jonathon Mohammed says:

    Emperor Palpatine: Commander Cody. Spring time has come. Execute order 66.