Offizieller Trailer zum Streifen „Life“ 2 2017 | Subskribieren ➤ | Streifen Jake Gyllenhaal #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 24. März 2017 | ….


37 Antworten : “LIFE-Trailer 2 (2017)”

  1. Cyber Blast says:

    F this is life 1 not 2

  2. Anna Michalak says:

    more alien movies something like this

  3. Yūki Flame Kuruhime says:

    Only one thing to say here:


    That is all LOL!
    Best legit movie ever sadly he dies first ;-; Fucking hell man Damn xDD

  4. Felipe Munoz says:

    If only aliens covenant was this intense

  5. an intense movie pass halfway..although similar to alien and gravity still enjoyed it..esp the end scene

  6. † Ranger for Jesus † says:

    The creature was first found discovered in Kim Kardashian's panties. Not Mars.

  7. PuMamIp89 says:

    now I'm waiting for part 2!

  8. Viktor and Niko says:

    To all those who disliked this was a good movie

  9. Chandrakant Sharda says:

    Add some laugh tracks and this movie will be perfect slapstick comedy.

  10. In this trailer you can see the 'whole' movie. Thank you…

  11. The real science fiction in that movie is Russian astronaut not having posters of naked Putin and spying devices planted all over the spaceship.

  12. Kidd Kidd says:

    I seen the movie. And at the end, its full of surprises

  13. Jonathan Comas says:

    All trailers look the same nowadays, everything is hunky dory then jump scares, loud high pitch noises, black screens, some random dialog and then silence. Nothing to offer, nothing new to see, zero creativity. Officially #HollywoodIsDead.

  14. Curt Dawg says:

    The actual movie doesn't even show Ryan Reynolds say "Que instagram"

  15. Such a FUCKING NIGHTMARE ! This movie was AMAZING !! Very intense all the way through. Brilliant.

  16. tony poll says:

    alien ends up killing astronauts n end up on earth with the last astro in a escape capsule ….ur welcome

  17. another alien plot movie. brilliant you guys

  18. Dr.Kutulu says:

    Sooooo…Alien ripoff.

  19. Yondu Udonta says:

    Green Lantern fucking with aliens again.

  20. Rikku !! says:

    The ending was pretty awesome.

  21. Alex Oyarzabal says:

    Gravity + Alien + 2 Hunks+ Imax = Good movie.

  22. Debayan Kar says:

    Watched it.. Loved it

  23. jahseedbeatz504 says:

    great movie.. great ending.

  24. AngleOfLight says:

    looks like they put a few diff sci fi in a blender lame lame lame

  25. Confucius Say says:

    ISS is fake, its funny it looks more real in this movie than the fake crap nasa show us.

  26. John Zabik says:

    looks good

  27. I34anbulunRuhu says:

    this is so boring shit

  28. Hung Lee says:

    This look sick. SO watching this.

  29. Mayowa joseph says:

    Some say this is a venom prequel

  30. syfycomicbookvhsman says:

    we already have alien covenant coming out. why this, too?


  32. Claude Newman says:

    I feel like I've watched the entire movie already.

  33. NiceTryThief says:

    IT EXPOSED THE INTIRE PLOT 🙁 LEMME GUESS. they all die to kill it eith them. If thats the truth im mad.

  34. NiceTryThief says:

    I hope the guy who shut the door on deadpool GETS SLOWLY KILLED BY THAT MARTIAN KILLING BEAST

  35. Oooooooohhh that looks good!

  36. Enginskywalks says:

    Everyone keeps saying Alien but i say its more "The thing" esque

  37. Matthew Sebastian M. Javierto says:

    I'm gonna bet
    everyone dies In the movie