LOGAN Red Band Trailer (2017)

Offizieller Trailer zum Streifen „Wolverine Logan“ Red Buch 2017 | Subskribieren ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | Hugh Jackman X-Men-Streifen #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 3. März 2017 ….


27 Antworten : “LOGAN Red Buch Trailer (2017)”

  1. Venom Neff says:

    Since 2020 world is not the same as it was

  2. Travel Hog says:

    0:55 is the good stuff. That piano, that beat, oh my goodness!

  3. sam not found says:

    the oscars are a joke. this movie should have won it all

  4. John Flynn says:

    I think that this is the most powerfull movie trailer I have ever seen!!!!!

  5. G Ronin Ry says:

    This movie was Oscar worthy

  6. Abo Adhm Hegazy says:


  7. A white Man says:

    Srry but this is better than Dark Night (batman)

  8. Laxmi Dubey says:

    I want Logan back, James Howlett.. whenever I'm fucked up n literally feels like giving up on everything even on myself, I see him even tho I know it's a fictitious character.. I know Logan had survived pain, scars, nature made him freak, humans made him weapon and God last it too long but at the end Logan said "This is how it feels like". And yes! For me Logan is alive character, a live soul, who inspires me to fight! I know in this world of 7billion+people, no one will hear my voice, but if anyone is reading, let's pray and call Logan back! Hugh Jackman back! Last time I cried because of grief, my Logan died, I want to cry again but tears of joy! Anyone who's reading this, life is unfair, but it's gonna get easier!

  9. 3rd Coast OBS says:

    Still tear up watching this on repeat in 2020….just saying

  10. just appreciate the fact this film was made in 2017 not 2020 otherwise it would have been a different type of story

  11. Lucas Colt says:

    Who cares if there is barley a difference it’s still an amazing trailer

  12. Tyrell NM88 says:

    Logan in 2020 : the world isnt the same anymore . The ppl they gone now .

  13. Jonathan Flores says:

    I still come back to watch this trailer

  14. Eric Merino says:

    Watching this in 2020 and still getting goosebumps.

  15. Icecold1776 says:

    That stab made it a red band? I mean wolverine has done way worse and it wasn't red band.

  16. Papa Slider says:

    As a fan of westerns and overwhelming depression, this film holds a place in my heart next to No Country for Old Men. Though I much prefer No Country for Old Men, Logan is an excellent film that I find myself hesitant to call a superhero movie.

  17. Rapolas RA says:

    I hope in the future, this will be classic

  18. Mr What Zit Tooya says:

    Almost 4 years later and still getting chills

  19. Ema Chiozzi says:


  20. Ema Chiozzi says:


  21. Christopher Quintanilla says:

    Who’s here because it’s the 3rd anniversary of this movie

  22. justin crew sane's anti-flags here of assyria says:

    they're lot more primitive, then the way how we've installed them

  23. Broke Nerfing says:

    This should have ended the Fox Xmen franchise. They just had to make that lame ass Dark Phoenix we all knew would suck ass.

  24. THE BATMAN says:

    Love this part and this song 0:57

  25. Cracklasco says:

    This movie was such a masterpiece.

  26. Drago X says:

    1:10 the last time Logan,Laura and Professor X Smile together

  27. SIRI-{ish}- says:

    This has got to be one of the best trailers ever made.