Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat (Hunger Games)

Titel: Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat (Schluss dem Soundtrack zu The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Teil 1) Holen Sie sich The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Teil 1) 1 Album hier: ….


34 Antworten : “Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat (Hungerspiele)”

  1. roberta Conceição says:

    Lorde música fã.Roberta

  2. Reagan Diesing says:

    I absolutely adore this music video

  3. Sebastian Perez says:

    Does no one realize that the video description has the lyrics of Tennis Court and not Yellow Flicker Beat?

  4. Fashooly says:

    Praise the lorde. girly got vocals. she go vocabularies. Verbality MK2 fashooly

  5. Turbo Grafx 16 says:

    she served song of the year but the grammys were sleeping at her

  6. MrDondon38306 says:

    A breath of fresh air in the stench of today!

  7. Amazing

  8. Timothy Lunderman says:


  9. i missed that dino dance :")

  10. wendy sugg says:

    Came here after just watching Mocking Jay for the first time. This song haunted me.

  11. Conserjería Pinares says:

    LORDE siempre será ARTE VIVIENTE <3

  12. Jimy-ko Palencia Lazo says:

    La mejor!

  13. sup maico says:

    to think that she was criticized when she first came out

  14. roberta Conceição says:

    Música fã Roberta

  15. 044_juliet sebastian says:

    Imagine Katniss walking the streets, ppl watching her, watching her walk through razed 12, and this just playing in the background.

  16. I used to remember all the lyrics of this song :")

  17. Moin ud-din says:

    couldn't they come up with better choreography

  18. Yani Hu says:

    Yayaya Hunger Games, Hunger Games yayaya

  19. Icarus says:

    this make me feel like a young powerful woman and i’m a guy

  20. roberta Conceição says:

    Música fã Roberta

  21. roberta Conceição says:

    Música fã Roberta

  22. Huru Ukko says:

    I think Randy made lorde famous

  23. Taium Tasneem says:

    Anyone gonna talk about that impeccable Alex Turner cosplay tho

  24. jason smith says:

    that is just crazy good

  25. roberta Conceição says:

    Fã Roberta música

  26. roberta Conceição says:


  27. Kay Watson says:

    Interesting voice.

  28. Jeffrey Gomez says:


  29. priyanka tyagi says:

    She is extremely awsome. Love from INDIA

  30. roberta Conceição says:

    YEllow Flickr música fã Roberta

  31. Plamen Atanasov says:

    Great song, I like it

  32. ivan avendanho says:

    it was supposed to be HUNGER GAMES YA YA YA HUNGER GAMES.

  33. Marvelous Eggplant says:

    My anthem

  34. Y A N A says:

    I always say a certain music is an art but this time Lorde herself is an art. She's uncomparable. She's just on another league of her own.