Lore of No Man's Sky | PS4

Dein Universum erwartet Entdecke mehr: http://bit.ly/1X7yZ9m Jetzt kaufen: http://bit.ly/1X7yOuU Sean Murray, Dave Gibbons und James Swallow diskutieren Tiefsinn …


44 Antworten : “Lore of No Man’s Sky | PS4”

  1. SilverWingedOne says:

    If I think too much about the lore behind this game it makes me feel like I'm pulling a brain muscle.

  2. pretty interesting to be reading all of these comments of people who are so dissapointed, but the game is good now.

  3. Dave Crupel says:

    We were so excited for this……This video once brought tears of joy to my eyes……but now….they drop different tears…..

  4. Pretty interesting to be reading all these comments now that the game is out. Like seeing a whole bunch of broken dreams..

  5. Why…

  6. darktrooper104 627 says:


  7. monty trupnik says:

    still freezes 30x on 2 day playgame nice busines on 60 euro on game

  8. This game is a sham…

  9. 5anitybane says:

    Does anyone know what actual year it is in the game?

  10. Jeremy Michael says:

    So far all the videos of people opening this game have no booklet. Wtf happened to the graphic novel thing?

  11. Thompter S. Hunson says:

    I hope this game is not a big pile of …nothing.

  12. InsideAlive says:

    This has given me hope that I may find another home in a persistent universe such as the metaverse's I used to play on that have since died off. I am so incredibly happy this is happening now rather than when I hit my late 20's or early 30's and locked in a full time job.

  13. Zendium Artwork says:

    Sean is like an artist just than instead of art he ( and the team ) makes games that pretty much look like art….i guess he kinda is a artist.

  14. Keith Street says:

    PSN just refunded my pre-order… I instantly pre-ordered again, the release date is now 12/31?

  15. Psychotic Robot says:

    This guy looks like Gareth bale

  16. Lord Mega says:

    2 more months left until August 9th the release of this game. Can not wait

  17. Lokitty Laufeyson says:

    "June 2016" cries
    Not Joon, Awwgust

  18. i think everyone who is watching this and doesn't know should know, the release date has changed

  19. Tippier Sky says:

    Not only the game in itself looks amazing, but the music… WOW hope it will be the same in the gameplay as it is in the trailers and behind-the-scenes. Both relaxing and mysterious, kinda Skyrim ost but Sci-Fi.

  20. MrNouns62 says:

    I wanted it… Now i need it

  21. Connor Meyers says:

    I want to be the no mans sky's version of space dandy

  22. ChrisKoflash says:

    This game will be in my library !

  23. Dries Duyck says:

    I'am so hyped and happy 1 month to go sweeeet !

  24. meme1234567890654321 says:

    Anyone who know what track's playing at the ending 06:05 ? Thanks!

  25. I'm going with explorer class

  26. Lane Williams says:

    The way they are talking about making your own story and forging your own destiny is amazing to me
    In a video game some gamers want just mindless violence and action
    Some gamers want strategy and puzzle solving
    We are all different
    I personally always liked games that gave me an escape. Games that take me on a journey
    No mans sky seems like that game to me
    Sean Murray is truly and amazing person with so to give to the gaming community and the world in general. His idea for this game is amazing and I can't wait to go to the store and pick up my copy go home pick up a ps4 controller and make my own destiny
    People may ask so many question and be mad and the developers for not releasing any details and to be honest I love that. I love the fact they want to hold all the secrets of what you can do until you get into the game . This makes it even better and the hype train had not stopped yet for me.
    My name is Lane Williams and I will become a master adventurer in No man's sky.

  27. Justin Middleton says:

    Dave's Comic collection though 😀

  28. Dylan Koch says:

    A back story similar to stargate would be interesting. Would explain the sentinels on most planets

  29. Elder Sage says:

    want new gameplay

  30. Johnny Cash says:

    game of the year incoming

  31. I really hope they sell a physical copy of the comic they're making for anyone who buys the game digitally. I'm a huge story nerd, and I'm already in love with this universe they're making.

  32. Bagheera23608 says:

    I was already sold, but damn, a silly little thing like including a book with the game (which used to be included no matter what) sells me even more. I love the idea that you can be a smuggler or an anthropologist or a pirate. I can' t wait.

  33. Juan Basagoiti says:

    Wow this is great!!!! Really loved the idea that they want to put a booklet with it's own story. Reminds me to the old games that brought a booklet and I used to read it while installing the game and gave me much more hype to play the game.

  34. NarrowSpider says:

    Sean is just the sweetest guy.

  35. Brok Spiker says:

    Who else is going to keep deleting their save file until they've found a ship design they like?

  36. Forgott My Name says:

    so could I discover a cob planet where everything is on a cob?

    only a few will get this reference

  37. Rubik Monat says:

    Well I was just about to preorder this on Steam, but not any more because I want the little book and the comic. Unless these things are the playstation exclusive content.

  38. ColombianThunder says:

    Does anyone know the song at the end?

  39. lore XD

  40. shizuwolf Howlajima says:

    How does Sean keep his beard so well groomed?

  41. Papa Khan says:

    I'm so mad the limited edition is sold out everywhere

  42. Peter Beardsley says:

    I hope this game won't be bad like Spore, but this is an indie game priced at full retail so there is a chance it will be awful :/

  43. Clothespins says:

    I've created a Facebook group to help players find others to explore with, trade resources and learn tips and tricks from other players. Come join this new community!


  44. Gnork B'yoink says:

    Now, what would be my first sentence in my Captain's Log?….. Any Suggestion?