MAG ist ein gewaltiger Selbstsicherheit-Action-Shooter in einem sich ständig verändernden globalen Krieg. Erklimme die Ränge und sammle die Erleben, die du brauchst, um ein Schlachtfeld zu besitzen. …


21 Antworten : “MAG – Trailer starten”


    i wish this game could mske a come back

  2. Thellewellyn Llewellyn says:

    This game just randomly crossed my mind ….. forgotten gem

  3. Topias Lyytikäinen says:

    what a game, really miss this

  4. Jimmy Dorris says:


  5. Brodie Nelson says:

    11 years later and we still play this game..

  6. Tristin noble says:


  7. Edward M says:

    Bring it back

  8. Battledroid02 says:

    Bring back mag for ps5

  9. JeremysRants says:

    I wish they would bring this game back modernized to PS5

  10. aka3lawi says:

    old is gold

  11. TiMeSpLiT- -TeR says:

    Dear playstation. MAG needs to comeback.

  12. V3LA_96_ says:

    SONY give us a MAG 2 !! PLEAAASSE

  13. Bruiser 14 says:

    Please Sony do a remaster of this game. Or a sequel. I just want MAG back.

  14. theDiReW0lf says:


  15. Miao Brunelle says:

    We want MAG!!!!!!!

  16. Mestari1Gaming says:

    We want MAG back!

  17. DreTheProphet says:

    I had the pleasure of working on this fantastic game. 9 years later and it's still my favorite PS3 game of all time. Long live MAG!

  18. SirJohn says:

    7 years ago. MAG was the best.

  19. Soarin Skies says:

    Someone please give me a link to that epic music track in the background during the trailer.

  20. KnotZombie says:

    I miss this, no other game compares to MAG

  21. The Third says:

    I was reminded of this game when the Valor soundtrack came on my ipod… I miss this game to bits… I was max level (twice) in Valor, part of a good clan, was in charge of a platoon when ever we did Domination, on more than one occasion led our team to victory in sabotage. I had over 180 hours in this game… I honestly wish that this game would have come out on PC, it would have had a better life there… But it was still one of the best games I've ever played.